Fuqua’s Finance PhD program is rigorous, technical, and specifically designed for students who aspire to become faculty members at leading universities and to contribute to the research in the field at these institutions. The program provides you with the tools and techniques to push the frontiers of research in financial economics.

A unique aspect of the Fuqua Finance program is how closely our faculty work with you from the very start. The Finance team is a small group, only admitting 3 to 4 students each year, which enables ongoing faculty input for each student. Those who complete the program will receive a PhD in Business Administration with a Finance focus.

Although a strong background in economics or business, as well as ease in college-level mathematics, are desirable, they are not necessarily required. We invite you to learn more about the requirements below, as well as to explore the research that Fuqua finance faculty are working on and to meet our PhD students.

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Program Requirements

The Finance PhD program requires you to complete:

  • Area-specific requirements
    • Course requirements as outlined below
    • A second-year research paper
    • A finance qualifying exam will be administered and evaluated by the finance faculty committee at the end of Year 2
    • Teaching and research assistantship
  • A preliminary exam / comprehensive evaluation which will include the presentation of your second-year paper and your performance in the courses and finance qualifier
  • Dissertation thesis proposal
  • Final dissertation and defense exam

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The field of Finance studies the pricing of capital assets and the financial decisions of individuals and firms. Most, but not all of the research is related to the sub-fields of macro-finance and asset pricing, corporate and household finance, and behavioral finance. Meet our faculty here and learn more about what each one is currently working on.


    The placements of our PhD students span empirical and theoretical work in asset pricing and corporate finance in the following universities:

    Name Started Graduated Initial Placement
     Paul Borochin  2005  2011  University of Connecticut
     Justin Murfin  2005  2010  Yale University
     Howard Kung  2006  2012  University of British Columbia
     Ryan Pratt  2006  2012  Brigham Young University
     Jawad Addoum  2007  2012  University of Miami
     Michael Albert  2007  2013  Ohio State University
     Hyunseob Kim  2007  2012  Cornell University
     Benjamin Ee  2008  2013  McKinsey & Company
     Yan Liu  2008  2014  Texas A&M University
     Kai Li  2008  2013  HKUST
     Stuart Webb  2008  2013  University of Texas
     Wei Wei  2008  2014  University of Calgary
     Basil Williams  2009  2015  New York University (Economics)
     Heqing Zhu  2009  2014  University of Oklahoma
     Sergio Correia  2010  2016   Federal Reserve Board
     Shiming Fu  2010  2015  University of Rochester
     Alexandru Rosoiu  2010  2016  Cornerstone Research
     Gabriel Bonilla  2011  2018  State Street Corporation
     Song Ma  2011  2016  Yale University
     Ying Xue  2011  2014  Bank of Montreal
     William McCartney  2012  2018  Purdue University
     Tae-Rog Oh  2012  2018   Korea Institute of Finance
     Shane Miller  2013  2020  University of Michigan
     Ahmet Degerli  2014  2020  Federal Reserve Board
     Wenxi Liao  2014  2020  BlackRock, Inc.
     Tianjiao Tong  2014  2020  University of Western Ontario
     Jing Huang  2015  2020  University of Chicago, PostDoc
     Jay Im  2015  2021  Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
     Young Song  2015  2021  San Diego State University
     Yenan Wang  2015  2021  University of Amsterdam