The Management and Organizations Area focuses on research on organizations in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world.  We aim to understand organizations from multiple points of view, by including empirical and theoretical work, and shaped by decision-making, psychological, sociological, network, and teams research.

Research in the Management and Organizations group aims to contribute to scholarly knowledge, shape teaching, and advance management practice. The PhD program aims to train students in the pursuit of original research in the field, with the goal or providing students with skills and tools for conducting scholarly research.

Fuqua's PhD program takes both theoretical and empirical perspectives on the study of organizational behavior. For students interested in understanding the processes and dynamics of how people work within organizations, and in taking a multi-method approach to understanding organizations, the program provides an opportunity to work with award-winning faculty who are at the forefront of this field.

Our Management and Organizations PhD program requires students to:

  • Area-Specific Requirements 
    • Complete coursework in statistics, research methods, and content courses within the management and strategy areas such as decision-making, organizational behavior, and organizational theory
    • Prepare and present first-year paper
    • Successfully complete written qualifying exam at the end of Year 2
    • Present original research to the Management and Organizations faculty annually, beginning in Year 2
    • Act as teaching assistant throughout PhD program
  • Successfully complete Preliminary Exam
  • Successfully defend dissertation proposal
  • Successfully defend final dissertation defense exam

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The Management and Organizations faculty engage in theoretical and empirical research on a wide range of topics related to organizations. For example, current research studies such topics as:

  • Diversity
  • Motivation and Goals
  • Nudges and Interventions
  • Justice and beliefs
  • Leadership
  • Teams and Groups
  • Networks
  • Stereotyping
  • Intergenerational processes

Management and Organizational Behavior PhD students earning their PhD through the Duke University Graduate School have accepted positions at the following universities:

  • Asher Lawson (2022) - INSEAD
  • Rebecca Ponce de Leon (2022) - Columbia University
  • Sean Fath (2020) - Cornell University
  • Anyi Ma (2020) - Tulane University
  • Simone Tang (2018) - Cornell University
  • Devon Proudfoot (2017) - Cornell University
  • Christy Zhou Koval (2016) - HKUST
  • Christina Rader (2015) - Colorado College
  • Catherine Shea (2013) - Carnegie Mellon University
  • Daniel Feiler (2012) - Dartmouth College
  • Andrew Carton (2011) - University of Pennsylvania
  • Leigh Plunkett Tost (2010) - University of Southern California