Marketing is the process by which demands for products, services, and ideas are anticipated, managed, and satisfied. There are three major facets of marketing examined in our PhD program:

  • Examination of factors affecting the structure and efficiency of markets and firm profitability within markets, often using economic theory
  • Study of managerial and strategic issues in marketing, using diverse methods to examine marketing decisions and how such decisions can be improved
  • Understanding the factors affecting buyer/consumer behavior, often using psychological approaches

Our objective is to provide PhD students with exceptional training that enables them to have successful research and teaching careers in any of these areas. This is accomplished by having students take courses selected to meet their individual needs and interests, work with faculty members on joint research beginning early in their program, and develop their own original research projects culminating in a dissertation. Students also assist faculty in teaching marketing courses to gain some teaching experience.

The Fuqua Marketing faculty are among the most published and cited marketing faculties in the world, and marketing faculty members have been editors of many of the field’s leading journals (e.g., Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science). The marketing faculty have received many honors and have held many leadership positions within the field.

Program Requirements

You’ll gain the required training and experience through several program elements:

  • Area specific requirements
    • Course requirements as outlined below.
    • A first-year summer research paper
    • A second-year research paper
    • A third-year Major Area Paper
    • Research and Teaching Assistantships
  • Preliminary exam (based on the second year research paper)
  • Dissertation thesis proposal
  • Final dissertation defense exam

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The Fuqua Marketing faculty are very active in research and publishing. These are among the areas of research that our faculty members are engaged in:

  • Two-sided media markets
  • Role of emotion in consumer choice and prosocial behavior
  • Technology adoption decisions by consumers and firms
  • Nonconscious processes influencing emotion, cognition, and behavior
  • Psychological drivers of consumer behavior
  • Design of communications to influence consumers’ health behaviors
  • Dynamics of motivation
  • Nonconscious outcomes of marketing actions
  • Predicting and understanding choice/choice-based conjoint analysis
  • Medical decision-making
  • Internet marketing, including advertising marketing and targeting
  • How individuals and entities use marketing information, innovation, alliances and relationships
  • Marketing of technology products and durable goods
  • Consumer protection regulation and its impact on consumer behavior

The Marketing PhD program enjoys numerous resources for supporting research and attending conferences. In addition, we have a broad range of interests and wide contacts throughout marketing academia, making matches with students readily available.

Our historical placements have been outstanding; in addition to the placements below, over the years we have placed students at Michigan, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, NYU, Carnegie-Mellon, Wharton, INSEAD, MIT, Columbia, and Wisconsin. We also have former students who are now on the faculties of Stanford, Duke, Yale, and Dartmouth.

Our students have placed very well over the years and have gone on to have very distinguished careers:

  • Kelley Gullo (2020) - Indiana University
  • Jacqueline Rifkin (2020) - University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • Sarah Memmi (2020) - University of Louisville
  • Katherine Crain (2019) - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Hana Choi (2019) - University of Rochester
  • Karen Scherr (2018) - Resident MD, Duke Hospital System
  • Scott Wallace (2018) - University of Washington
  • Jinzhao Du (2018) - Hong Kong University
  • Hillary Wiener (2017) - SUNY Albany
  • Peggu Liu (2016) - University of Pittsburgh
  • Danielle Brick (2016) - University of New Hampshire
  • Yue Qin (2016) - University of Maryland
  • Troy Campbell (2015) - University of Oregon
  • Avni Shah (2015) - University of Toronto
  • Yiting Deng (2015) - Notre Dame
  • Huihui Wang (2015) - Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • Bo Zhou (2014) - University of Maryland - College Park
  • Jennifer Cutler (2013) - Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Matthew Manary (2013) - Intel Corporation
  • Jared Wolfe (2013) - Long Island University – Post
  • Jason Roos (2012) - Erasmus (University of Rotterdam)
  • Euiyoung (Kate) Min (2012) - Syracuse University
  • Luzadriana Samper (2011) - Arizona State University
  • Stephen Spiller (2011) - UCLA
  • Keisha Wells Cutright (2011) - Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Woocheol Shin (2010) - University of Florida
  • Fredrika Spencer (2010) - University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Eugenia Wu (2010) - Cornell University
  • Linyun Yang (2010) - University of North Carolina Charlotte