Fuqua's Resume Database

To meet your hiring needs, you can request access to our online resume database. You'll be able to search for talent across our various candidate groups:

  • First-year daytime students for MBA internship positions
  • MMS students for internships and full-time graduate opportunities
  • MQM students for internships and full-time graduate opportunities
  • Second-year daytime students for full-time graduate opportunities
  • Executive MBA students and alumni for roles requiring mid- to senior-level experience

These tools are searchable by a number of criteria, including function, industry experience, work authorization, language skills, and location preference.

Access to all of these candidates is facilitated conveniently on one platform powered by 12Twenty. It is easy to set up an account and for those who already use 12Twenty, you will log on with the same credentials. 

Release schedule

Response to COVID-19: We understand that this has been an unprecedented time for organizations! Despite the uncertainties of the current situation, we know that there are great employers seeking great talent and great talent seeking great opportunities. We have compiled a database of more than 100 candidates across all our programs who are actively seeking summer internships, short-term projects, and full-time employment now. This database is available beginning June 4 through August 31.  


Candidate profile Date available (5pm EDT)
1. Daytime MBA Class of 2021 graduates September 8
2. Daytime MBA Class of 2022 interns October 13
3. All Executive MBAs September 8
4. All Alumni No production schedule
5. MMS Class of 2021 graduates No production schedule
6. MQM: Business Analytics Class of 2021 graduates No production schedule

For more information on Fuqua's resume databases please email or call +1.919.660.7810.

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