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Regional Groups

Students and alumni at an info session in Jakarta
Asia / Jakarta

Ask us anything, anywhere

Two program alumni posing in front of 25th anniversary sign

A celebration of collaboration

Alumni event in Charlotte
Americas / Charlotte

Learning beyond graduation

EMEA / Kazakhstan

Pioneering business education in Kazakhstan

Student laughing in class
Since 2012, Fuqua has been a strategic partner to Nazarbayev University, offering advice and insight as it develops its graduate business school.

Asia / India

India Regional Advisory Board

Malvinder and Shivinder Singh at IRAB event
Attendees of the 25th anniversary celebration
EMEA / Russia

Building a bridge with business education

Alumni and students gathered at Fuqua Around the World
Americas / Princeton

Engaging the Network at Fuqua Around the World

Americas / Latin America

NXTP Labs co-founder discusses entrepreneurship in Latin America

Asia / India

Tech entrepreneur discusses opportunities in India

Alumni at Fuqua Around the World in London
EMEA / London

Catching up on Fleet Street

Summer alumni event in New York City
Americas / New York City

Building relationships and creating value

EMEA / Switzerland

Health care executive discusses industry trends across the globe

Hear from Faisal Darwazeh, who earned his MBA from Fuqua in 2010 and is now general manager for Labatec Pharma in Switzerland.

Asia / China

Entrepreneurial alum on the Chinese start-up culture

Derrick Xiong MMS '13
"There is a grassroots generation of entrepreneurs in China. People are starting companies everywhere."
Namita Thapar MBA '01
Asia / India

Bridging cultures and disciplines in the Indian pharmaceutical industry


U.S. grads live in NYC

Roda Viva Internacional Brazil
Americas / Brazil

Dean Bill Boulding faces the team at Roda Viva

EMEA / Middle East

Middle East Regional Advisory Board

Ahmad Sharaf

Asia / India

Studying startups in India

Aaron Chatterji
Professor Aaron Chatterji conducted a study of tech startups in India.

Asia / East Asia

East Asia Regional Advisory Board

Executives meeting in Shanghai
Kvin O'Brien, Editor at Handlesblatt in Germany

"The industry was hit by a digital tsunami."


U.S. alumni work in the Bay Area

Asia / South Korea

The evolution of private equity in Korea

Chulmin Lee
Chulmin Lee MBA '01 shares insights on investment opportunities in South Korea.


U.S. alumni work in D.C.

Alumnus Vaughan Mitchell shows the flag at his company
Americas / Seattle

Stop by to say hello to this Global Executive MBA '15.

EMEA / Madagascar

Edouard Serre MBA'11

Alumnus Edouard Serre in Madagascar
"I manage our dairy production facility, making different sorts of yogurts and cheeses, and help grow the business. On the side, I am also the co-founder and managing director of Graph'Air, a charter company. Currently we own and operate four aircraft."
Alumni at their center in Germany
EMEA / Germany

Launching a National Network for Child Care

Asia / China

A look into the global energy market

Group photo with Alain Ding
During their residency in Shanghai, the Cross Continental MBA Energy Club hosted Alain Ding, managing director of energy and natural resources at Fosun Group, to hear about career changes in the global oil and gas markets.


EMEA / Moscow

Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network

Over 10 years of DukeGEN, events have been held in cities throughout the world, including Moscow.

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Americas / Latin America

Asia / India

Celebrating Diwali

Students celebrating Diwali
Global Executive MBAs enjoy the holiday at a student's home

Asia / Mumbai

Meeting up in Mumbai

Dan McCleary and Saurabh Rajadhyax MBA '06
Who will you run into on your travels?

Asia / India

On Location in New Delhi

Global Executive MBA students celebrate Holi in New Delhi
Taking a break from Decision Models to celebrate the festival of colors in India. Holi is a great example of why each residency experience is unforgettable.


U.S. grads live in Atlanta

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MMS: Foundations of Business
MMS: Duke Kunshan University
MQM: Business Analytics
Asia / India

An inside look at industry trends from Bharti's retail CEO

Fuqua connects at a Chicago summer social hosted by alumni volunteer Rob Khoury MBA '97
Americas / Chicago

Students get a warm welcome from alumni as they start summer internships

Fuqua's South Korean Alumni Association at Fuqua Around the World
Asia / Korea

200 strong. Join a formidable network in Seoul.

Americas / Chicago

Fuqua on the main stage

Chicago Theatre
Priya Mohanty MBA '10 is a computer-scientist-turned-professional-actor.
Moscow skyline
EMEA / Moscow

Dean Boulding visits Moscow

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EMEA / Russia and CIS

Russia Regional Advisory Board

Members of our RRAB at our annual alumni gathering in Moscow
Alumni celebrate in Johannesburg
EMEA / Johannesburg

Getting the team back together

Americas / Latin America

Latin America Regional Advisory Board

Consulting House meeting in Sao Paolo Brazil

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Asia / China

How preparation can unlock success

Yi Shi
Yi Shi MBA '99 worked his way up through his company using initiative and hard work.
Martin Rastinelli, COO, @Despegar, Duke MBA'99
Americas / Santiago

Martin Rastinelli MBA '99, COO @Despegar

D.C. National Mall
Americas / Washington, D.C.

Fuqua's biggest D.C. supporters

Asia / India

Customer experience leader discusses future of data analytics

Asia / China

Driving the Electric Vehicle Movement from Beijing

Tom Zhu has gained expertise managing large international projects during his career—skills he now utilizes at Tesla Motors in China. He joined the company in early 2014 to lead the team that builds the network of car charging stations across the country.

Cities and climate change

Americas / Charlotte

Giving back to Fuqua

Brandon Shelton MBA '07
"As I started my own business in 2015, I felt compelled to return this service and volunteer my time and efforts in my local Fuqua community."

Helping students do better while doing what's best

Asia / India

Namita Thapar MBA '01 receives well-deserved recognition

Namita, executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals and an India Regional Advisory Board member, was recognized by the Economic Times as one of India's top 40 young business leaders under age 40.

Americas / Belém

Lessons on scale from fighting deforestation in the Amazon

Amazon rainforest
Representatives from Fuqua's Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship traveled to Brazil to learn how a nonprofit decreases deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions in the Amazon.


EMEA / Europe

Europe Regional Advisory Board

Board member Mitch Foreman with Fuqua staff
Alumni celebrate Fuqua Around the World in Peru
Americas / Lima

Enjoying the Pisco Sours

EMEA / Bahrain

Investcorp executive shares industry and leadership perspective

Learn from Rishi Kapoor, who completed Fuqua's Global Executive MBA program in 2001 and serves as co-CEO of Investcorp.

Americas / Philadelphia

Team Fuqua in Philadelphia

Gautam Bazaz MBA '09
"I'm happy to play a part in keeping the Team Fuqua spirit alive outside of campus."

Global Executive

MBA Beer & Wine Club: On Location

City street in China
The Global Executive MBA Beer and Wine Club explored the beer industry in China during their residency. With a history of beer production and consumption for over 9,000 years, China is quickly becoming one of the industry's most important markets.
Fuqua alumni in Dubai
EMEA / Dubai

Under the Burj Khalifa

Americas / Chile

On Location

Visiting the largest commercial bakery in Chile
Students go behind the scenes in Santiago at a commercial bakery to learn about R&D and production.


international alumni based in China

EMEA / Germany

On Residency in Berlin

Exploring the Berlin Wall

Americas / Chile

Lessons in leadership in Chile

Student selfie with Malala Recart
The Association of Women in Business heard from a guest speaker in Chile.

Americas / New York

DukeNY's focus on health care

Photo of prescription, stethoscope, and gavel
Alumni gathered for the 3rd annual health care event hosted by DukeNY to discuss challenges and opportunities in the health care marketplace.

EMEA / Ukraine

A neighborly network: Discovering Fuqua connections next door

Alex Beck and Sergey Glushakov shaking hands
Alex Beck and Sergey Glushakov have lived in the same neighborhood in Ukraine for more than a decade, but they didn't discover they both had Fuqua ties until recently.

Americas / Atlanta

Getting a fresh start

Benjamin van der Horst MBA '13
Benjamin van der Horst MBA '13 teamed up with a few other Fuqua alumni to reboot the Fuqua alumni chapter in Atlanta.

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Students arriving to Eurocopter facilities in Astana

Asia / Russia and CIS

Americas / San Francisco

Passionate about health care

Golden Gate Bridge
Fuqua alumni from around the world gather in San Francisco each year for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

EMEA / Germany

From banking to entrepreneurship

Hilka Schmitz, who earned her MBA from Fuqua in 2003, discusses her decision to make a career switch.

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