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Regional Groups

EMEA / Europe

Europe Regional Advisory Board

Board member Mitch Foreman with Fuqua staff

EMEA / Middle East

Middle East Regional Advisory Board

Ahmad Sharaf
Alumni celebrate in Johannesburg
EMEA / Johannesburg

Getting the team back together

EMEA / Madagascar

Edouard Serre MBA'11

Alumnus Edouard Serre in Madagascar
"I manage our dairy production facility, making different sorts of yogurts and cheeses, and help grow the business. On the side, I am also the co-founder and managing director of Graph'Air, a charter company. Currently we own and operate four aircraft."
Alumni at Fuqua Around the World in London
EMEA / London

Catching up on Fleet Street


Cities and climate change

EMEA / Abu Dhabi

Private Equity and Investments in the GCC

Global Executive students tour Emirates Air
Alumni at their center in Germany
EMEA / Germany

Launching a National Network for Child Care


Fuqua alumni in Dubai
EMEA / Dubai

Under the Burj Khalifa

EMEA / Germany

On Residency in Berlin

Exploring the Berlin Wall
Kvin O'Brien, Editor at Handlesblatt in Germany

"The industry was hit by a digital tsunami."


Helping students do better while doing what's best

EMEA / Russia and CIS

Russia Regional Advisory Board

Members of our RRAB at our annual alumni gathering in Moscow