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Regional Groups

Fellowship for Black Management Forum Members

2018 BMF winner at Duke Leadership Program
2018 BMF Fellowship winner, Getrude Marape, left, attends the Duke Leadership Program
Alumni celebrate in Johannesburg
EMEA / Johannesburg

Getting the team back together

EMEA / Switzerland

Health care executive discusses industry trends across the globe

Hear from Faisal Darwazeh, who earned his MBA from Fuqua in 2010 and is now general manager for Labatec Pharma in Switzerland.

EMEA / Kazakhstan

Pioneering business education in Kazakhstan

Student laughing in class
Since 2012, Fuqua has been a strategic partner to Nazarbayev University, offering advice and insight as it develops its graduate business school.

EMEA / Bahrain

Investcorp executive shares industry and leadership perspective

Rishi Kapoor
Learn from Rishi Kapoor, who completed Fuqua's Global Executive MBA program in 2001 and serves as co-CEO of Investcorp.
Alumni at Fuqua Around the World in London
EMEA / London

Catching up on Fleet Street

EMEA / Germany

On Residency in Berlin

Exploring the Berlin Wall

EMEA / Ukraine

A neighborly network: Discovering Fuqua connections next door

Alex Beck and Sergey Glushakov shaking hands
Alex Beck and Sergey Glushakov have lived in the same neighborhood in Ukraine for more than a decade, but they didn't discover they both had Fuqua ties until recently.

EMEA / Europe

Europe Regional Advisory Board

Board member Mitch Foreman with Fuqua staff

Helping students do better while doing what's best

Two program alumni posing in front of 25th anniversary sign

A celebration of collaboration

EMEA / Germany

From banking to entrepreneurship

Hilka Schmitz, who earned her MBA from Fuqua in 2003, discusses her decision to make a career switch.
Alumni at their center in Germany
EMEA / Germany

Launching a National Network for Child Care

EMEA / Russia and CIS

Russia Regional Advisory Board

Members of our RRAB at our annual alumni gathering in Moscow

EMEA / Moscow

Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network

Moscow skyline
Over 10 years of DukeGEN, events have been held in cities throughout the world, including Moscow.
Fuqua alumni in Dubai
EMEA / Dubai

Under the Burj Khalifa

Attendees of the 25th anniversary celebration
EMEA / Russia

Building a bridge with business education


Cities and climate change

EMEA / Middle East

Middle East Regional Advisory Board

Ahmad Sharaf
Moscow skyline
EMEA / Moscow

Dean Boulding visits Moscow

Kvin O'Brien, Editor at Handlesblatt in Germany

"The industry was hit by a digital tsunami."