Christina Blanco

Daytime MBA

Class of 2003

Council Affiliation:

Minority Alumni Advisory Board






Austin, Texas


After living most of her life along the East coast and a few years in Spain, Christina Blanco Hungria moved to Austin, Texas in 2009 to assume the role of chief marketing officer for New York Life's long-term care division. She energetically drives an incredibly talented team to grow sales within an agency distribution channel. Her team develops B2B and B2C tools designed to engage a rapidly aging population. 

During her career with New York Life, Christina has been intimately engaged in one strategic growth initiative after another. She's enjoyed cultivating opportunities within an expanse of target markets including but not limited to retirees, young families, small businesses, middle market, LGBT, health aware, women, and several cultural markets (Hispanic, Asian-Indian, Korean, and African-American).

Prior to joining New York Life, she was a Latin American sovereign analyst at Bankers Trust and then a sell-side telecom associate for Deutsche Bank. She worked on Wall Street during many major economic shifts, including the Mexican tequila crisis, when Brazil's inflation easily topped 300% a year, and when the Argentinean peso was pegged to the U.S. dollar. At that time, she was very astute in estimating many consumer behaviors, such as how many minutes the average person spoke on their cell phone each month (by country).

Christina acquired these technical skills when pursuing her BA in business and government from Franklin and Marshall College, and later acquiring her MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Christina enjoys many outdoor activities, such as running, kayaking, and mountain biking. Her true passion, however, is surfing and traveling to the far reaches of this earth.