Karthik Ilakkuvan

Karthik Ilakkuvan

Daytime MBA

Class of 2021
Citizenship: United States
Work Industry: Nonprofit/Education
Region: Richmond, VA --> Williamsburg, VA --> Mission, TX --> Washington DC --> Philadelphia --> Durham
Career Interest: Sports and Marketing

Clubs and Organizations:

Media, Entertainment, and Sports Club
Marketing Club
Board Games Club

Previous Major:


Previous School:



I'm originally from Richmond, VA and a proud graduate of the College of William and Mary. I started my career as an 11th/12th grade PreCalculus teacher at IDEA Public Schools in Mission, TX as a Teach for America corps member. After three years in the classroom, I wanted to see how impact was scaled and joined the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program, working to highlight and maximize the amazing work happening at community colleges across the country. 

At Fuqua, I’m hoping to take the presentation and preparation skills I learned in the education sector and combine them with a new set of analysis and leadership skills as I try and pivot into a new industry. I love watching and playing all sports, and I plan on attending at least one sporting event of every Duke team in my two years here.