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“We are a diverse group, bringing in a wealth of knowledge from different areas within the health care space. This diverse mix has enabled me to understand different perspectives, especially how others view the American health system thus broadening my horizon outside of the payer space.”
Analyst III
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2020
Health Care - Insurance

Prior Education:

SUNY Buffalo School of Management
MS Management Information Systems, 2008
Mumbai, India

Why MSQM: Health Analytics

I have been able to apply the knowledge I am learning in the program to my job. One of the projects I am consulting on involves working with data scientists. I am now able to ask them the right questions regarding the methodology used in designing their models and I am able to understand the summary statistics which helps me identify roadblocks and provide better support to the team members. I’ve also been able to communicate better about the project to upper management.

Before Fuqua

In my current role, I support the analytical needs of our marketing division. This includes supporting strategic initiatives, vendor evaluation, and utilization analysis. My role also encompasses consulting and leading projects to meet enterprise initiatives.

After Fuqua

I see myself applying the skills that I have learned in this program to a management role that manages teams that use analytics and strategy to discover avenues that are most effective in improving the quality of care and consumer experience while driving down costs.

My Favorite Professor

I have learned so much from  Professor David Ridley’s classes, especially understanding how health care works in the U.S. and other countries, and the issues we face in the U.S. health system. His classes have piqued my interest in finding ways to improve the U.S. health system. I also learned in detail the workings of the pharmaceutical industry and how drugs play an important role in improving the quality of life and their impact on the cost of health care.