Alan Castro Meija MSQM: HA '22
“What I least expected from this online program was the sense of community, but the faculty and staff make you feel a part of Team Fuqua even before orientation and are readily available throughout the experience. There are ample mingling and networking opportunities and additional resources to help you feel connected, move your career forward, and get the most out of your time at Duke.”
National External Consultant
Pan American Health Organization / Pan American Sanitary Bureau

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2022
Health Care

Prior Education:

Tecnologico de Monterrey - Mexico City
Medicine, 2018
Mexico City, Mexico


I sought to acquire knowledge that would enable me to influence policy and assist in the decision-making process that aims to create value in health care for all stakeholders. The MSQM program at Fuqua was one of a few that offered a unique program in health care analytics with world-class faculty and was developed for working professionals seeking to advance their careers. As well, graduating from Duke means having a network of alumni you can seek advice, offer your expertise, and rely on to keep moving forward. These characteristics are even more critical in a field looking to disrupt an established system like health care.

Before Fuqua

Until August of 2021, I was a general practitioner at a local health center. While there, I began to transition into data analytics through independent clinical research in collaboration with a colleague in Germany. The knowledge I gathered through the MSQM program allowed me to cement my place in health analytics as a consultant.

After Fuqua

Currently, I am the "External National Consultant" in Mexico for a Pan American Health Organization project that seeks to analyze the impact of vaccines on adult mortality. I plan to stay in Health Analytics as a project and research consultant within the Non-Governmental Organization sector, creating value and quality while reducing costs.

My Favorite Professor

Professor David Ridley is by far my favorite professor. He is always available to discuss class topics, current events, or provide additional resources to complement your interests. Prof. Ridley is not afraid to tackle important issues or guide you through the challenging real-life problems that Health Care Policy encounters. Lastly, to have the most up-to-date information for students, he takes the time to curate his classes to current events (like COVID vaccines or Pharma developments). He is an expert in his field of study and is an excellent resource regarding health care economics.