MMS Student Amiesha Dhall
"Unexpectedly, my master's studies led to a profound personal transformation I never anticipated. The rigorous academic environment and collaborative learning experiences not only enriched my knowledge but also honed my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Surrounded by diverse perspectives and challenging coursework, I evolved into a more resilient and adaptable individual."

MMS: Foundations of Business

Class of 2024

Prior Education:

Delhi University
Delhi, India

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose to attend Fuqua for its comprehensive curriculum, academic excellence, diversity, and promising career prospects. Fuqua's curriculum stood out for its emphasis on practical application, preparing students for real-world challenges. Its consistent ranking among the best schools globally reassured me of the quality education I would receive.

The diversity at Fuqua, both in the student body and faculty, promised a rich multicultural experience that would broaden my perspective and enhance my interpersonal skills. As an international student, Fuqua's inclusive culture and support systems were pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition and fostering a sense of belonging.
Furthermore, the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through case studies and collaborative projects was appealing. Fuqua's focus on experiential learning aligned with my career goals, allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge in practical business contexts.

Moreover, Fuqua's strong alumni network and career services were instrumental in my decision. The array of career options post-Fuqua, combined with the school's reputation for producing successful graduates, solidified my choice.

Before Fuqua

My diverse experiences, including roles as an associate researcher at Nomura Research Institute and internships in strategy, research, and operations, highlighted the importance of a prestigious university like Duke for career advancement. These experiences underscored the need for advanced skills and knowledge, prompting my decision to pursue an MMS.

After Fuqua

My post-career plans entail entering the consulting field, leveraging my analytical skills and strategic mindset to drive impactful solutions for clients. Subsequently, I aim to establish a career in the corporate world within the United States. I aspire to contribute to organizational growth and innovation while continuously expanding my knowledge and expertise in diverse business environments. Through dedication and collaboration, I am committed to making meaningful contributions to the corporate landscape, fostering positive change, and achieving professional fulfillment.

5 Tips for Acing the Interview

  1. Research Duke Fuqua Values and Programs. Understand Duke Fuqua's mission, values, and academic programs. Tailor your application to showcase how your interests and goals align with what Duke offers.
  2. Highlight Your Achievements and Extracurriculars. Showcase your academic achievements, leadership roles, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. Highlight experiences that demonstrate your intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, and commitment to making a positive impact.
  3. Craft Compelling Personal Statements and Essays. Write authentic and well-crafted personal statements and essays that reflect your personality, values, and aspirations. Be sure to articulate why you are passionate about your chosen field of study and how Duke can help you achieve your academic and career goals.
  4. Secure Strong Letters of Recommendation. Choose recommenders who know you well and can speak to your academic abilities, character, and potential for success at Duke. Provide your recommenders with ample time and information to write detailed and personalized letters.
  5. Demonstrate Interest and Engage with Duke. Attend Duke admission events, visit the campus if possible, and engage with Duke representatives through informational sessions or interviews. Demonstrating genuine interest in Duke and its community can strengthen your application.

Fuqua’s Supportive Community

What I find most compelling about my classmates and the Fuqua network overall is the exceptional camaraderie and support they demonstrate. When Duke alumni are mentioned, their willingness to assist, cooperate, and extend help in various capacities shines through. The Fuqua network exemplifies a culture of collaboration and understanding, where individuals readily go to great lengths to aid one another's growth and success.

It's remarkable to witness the genuine commitment to each other's development and well-being within the Fuqua community. Whether it's offering mentorship, sharing insights, or providing professional connections, there's a collective effort to ensure that everyone thrives. This spirit of cooperation not only strengthens interpersonal bonds but also fosters a collaborative environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

Undergraduate Majors

Liberal Arts (33%)
Business/Accounting (24%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (18%)
Economics (17%)
Other (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Foundations of Business

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship



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