Photo of Aminat Aloba
“I have been faced with challenges that have pushed me beyond my comfort zone and encouraged me to think outside the box. These experiences have all been rewarding.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2021

My Program Track:

Professional Service & Technology

Prior Education:

University of Central Oklahoma
Accounting, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Why I Chose Fuqua

Throughout the admission process, I noticed that the current students and staff I spoke with were always helpful and enthusiastic to answer all my questions when I reached out. I felt welcome, and I wanted to be a part of such a friendly student community and learning environment.

Before Fuqua

I was a full-time tax accountant. I filed corporate tax returns, prepared financial statements, and created visualizations of financial trends. After years of studying and working in accounting, I realized I had a passion for working with data.

After Fuqua

I plan on working as a business analyst, data analyst, or consultant. I look forward to using my newly acquired skills combined with my previous work experience to help companies achieve their goals through data-driven insights.

5 Random Things About Me

  1. I enjoy singing and leading worship at my church.
  2. Vacationing with my friends is one of my favorite traditions. Greece is next on our bucket list.
  3. Back in Nigeria, I went through apprenticeship training in hair styling. As a result, one of my hobbies is braiding and styling hair. I have an Instagram page that shows all of my creative work.
  4. I attended a boarding school in Nigeria called Mayflower School between the age of 10 and 16. That was my first exposure to independence and self-reliance. The experience made it easier for me to adjust to new environments.
  5. Dancing is one of my favorite childhood memories. The one song that made me gain popularity in our neighborhood was by Congolese musician Awilo Longomba. I had a special dancing skirt for his songs and won several dancing competitions at birthday parties I attended growing up.

My MQM Track

The forensics track allows you to acquire analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills to prevent, detect and solve issues related to fraud. The technical expertise coupled with the analytical techniques gained can be applied to any industry.

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