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“I’ve learned to really evaluate and capitalize on the talents that exist within a team in order to achieve the best outcome on assignments and in team projects. We lean on each other for support and push each other to learn new ways of doing things.”
Chief Quality Officer
The Springs Living

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2020
Health Care – Senior Care

Prior Education:

North Dakota State University
Nursing, 2007
Williston, North Dakota

Why MSQM: Health Analytics

The expectations in senior care are changing all the time. Enhanced quality expectations, impending regulation, and oversight are on everyone’s minds. I feel like this program is arming me with the necessary tools to tackle the industry challenges of tomorrow. Augmenting human decision-making with data analytics and machine learning will only improve my company’s ability to care for tomorrow’s seniors.

Before Fuqua

I currently work at a company that owns and operates retirement communities in the Pacific Northwest. I work with a team who defines quality standards, measures our results, and uses continuous improvement and data analytics to improve our systems. I also advise key stakeholders in our organization on risks and compliance and serve as a resource for mitigation.

After Fuqua

I am excited to remain in my current role, only to serve my company with an enhanced skill set. The knowledge I’ve learned in my courses continues to shape my perspective and decision-making and will offer me the tools that I need to support my company’s strategic goals.

Benefits of an Online Degree

Being a mother, a wife, and a full time professional, I questioned whether I could successfully complete a program like this without significantly sacrificing in one area or another. The flexibility of an online program has allowed me to progress at my own pace with my assignments and class deadlines while still being able to fulfill my full-time work responsibilities.