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“Any MBA program could have taught me accounting and finance. I found that only Fuqua could give me an open window to the way people do business in other parts of the world.”
General Counsel
Lehning Group

Global Executive MBA

Class of 2019

Prior Education:

University of Lille
M.A. Private Law, 1996
Metz, France


Going through the Global Executive MBA program is life-changing. You are forced to surpass yourself and to do things that you thought would be impossible for you. As a lawyer, my work does not involve deep quantitative activities. I discovered that I am credible with numbers and that I can challenge engineers on some quantitative topics. An MBA breaks down the walls that you build for yourself and teaches you that you can do everything—you just have to work at it.

Before Fuqua

I am a business lawyer with 18 years of professional experience. I started my career as a pleading (trial) attorney in a French firm where I became a partner. I then switched to legal counseling in Monaco where I served companies from all over the world. Currently, I am General Counsel of a pharmaceutical group based in France.

After Fuqua

My goal is to run the multi-site legal department of a global company and to expand my managerial role to corporate functions. I am interested in strategy and project management and the cross-cultural aspects of projects. My Duke MBA has added an in-depth understanding of managing global teams and has provided me with the ability to use any up-to-date corporate tools that can contribute to a successful business.


In the beginning, the program may be more challenging for international students. You may experience cultural gaps or language limitations, and the need to adapt to a different learning environment. The key is to ask for the support of others. Reach out to your teammates as much as possible. They will support you.

Global Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

Financial Services (20%)
Consulting (5%)
Sales/Business Development (5%)
Energy/Chemical/Gas (9%)
Marketing/PR/Advertising (6%)
Consumer Goods (3%)

Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship

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Class of 2019
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