Caroline Vincent
"I worried business school would be full of overly competitive people obsessed with their application accolades, but this fear couldn't be further from reality. Instead, I met people who are extremely supportive, share similar values, and will be a part of my life forever. "

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018

Prior Education:

University of Richmond
International Studies, 2011
Potomac, Maryland

Why I Chose Fuqua

Initially, I was drawn to Fuqua because I wanted a fully immersive school experience where I could hone my business acumen and create not only a strong network of peers but also lifelong friends. Attending Blue Devil Weekend made my decision to attend Fuqua clear. I was overcome with excitement and awe to know the pride and school spirit the broader community has in this institution; it made me want to be a part of the Duke legacy even more.

5 Tips for Maximizing the Fuqua Experience

  1. Participate fully in orientation and section pride events (you're never too cool for a cheer-off!). It brings you closer than ever to your 75 newest friends.
  2. Explore North Carolina with classmates by going wine tasting and hiking in Asheville, visiting the beaches of the Outer Banks, or even just attending country concerts in Raleigh.
  3. Walk through the Sarah B. Duke Gardens on beautiful days to make sure you take the time to enjoy your surroundings.
  4. Try a new restaurant once a week—Durham really is the foodie capital of the South!
  5. Get to know your professors outside of the classroom; you never know when one of them will save you with an emergency espresso break during finals (thank you, Pino!).

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked at Deloitte Consulting in their Federal practice. I enjoyed the challenge of helping agency leaders determine how their policies and programs could facilitate more effective accomplishment of their respective missions, whether it was to service other agencies' payroll or protect the homeland.

My Life After Fuqua

I want to continue working in organizational strategy with a tightened focus on applied behavioral economics as it relates to the employee and customer experience. I am eager to explore opportunities that empower people to make better choices, ranging from health and wellness to cybersecurity.

My Fuqua Activities

Admissions Ambassador

Duke MBA Tech Club


The CMO Survey Graduate Fellow

Fuqua on Board

My Summer Internship

LinkedIn, working with their Global Talent Organization in the San Francisco Bay Area

What I Love About Durham

I really love the peaceful pace of life that happens all around me. Even if I am worried about an accounting test or a recruiting event, it's nice to know I won't be surrounded by honking horns, hurried pedestrians, or chaotic traffic on my commute home. It's provided me a nice work-life balance as it reminds me to stop and smell the roses even in the midst of a busy schedule!

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