Carolyn Hardy
“This is an experience and an education. Push yourself to be uncomfortable and practice conflict. You will come out a stronger and more confident business leader if you do.”
Director of IT Operations
UnitedHealth Group / Harken Health

Cross Continent MBA*

Class of 2016
Health Care

Prior Education:

University of St. Thomas
Operations & Supply Chain Management / Marketing Management, 2007
Minneapolis, Minnesota

*Now the Global Executive MBA program.


Fuqua’s network has given me much more than I expected—both during my program, and after graduation. I was able to meet executives in my company, Fuqua alumni, who opened their doors to my career questions. The career management center and my professors gave me wonderful guidance on how I am perceived, so that I can use those initial impressions and to adapt to how I want to be perceived. Finally, I have found wonderful friends in my classmates, who I am so excited to visit and stay in touch with.

Before Fuqua

I was an Associate Director of Business Process at Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group. I worked on cloud offerings, Optum shared services, and client implementation of these services.

After Fuqua

I was promoted to Director of IT Operations, focusing on the insurance-provider partnership. I owned IT vendor management and operational readiness associated with five insurance and care delivery portals. I love taking on risks and new challenges within the Health Care space—check back in 6 months!

5 Ways to Solicit Employer Support for your MBA

  1. Develop a presentation on the benefits of the program for your boss and other key stakeholders.
  2. Be clear about the support you’ll need, whether that means time off or financial backing.
  3. Create understanding in your team on how you will address their concerns. I always reiterated that residency was not a vacation and I would come back more tired than when I left, but started prepping my team for my absence a month in advance.
  4. Share how your program will support your company’s mission.
  5. Be open about where you want the experience to take you and how you will become a better leader at work.  

Admissions Insight

What's Up with the *Asterisks*

Admissions staffer Dan McCleary in his office
Long story short—we evolved our portfolio to provide additional flexibility for students and recruit an even stronger mix of backgrounds, ages, experiences, and career stages.
Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship


Student Network

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