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“Each team I have been a part of throughout my time at Fuqua has demonstrated to me the value of diversity in group thinking. I've worked closely with team members from across the U.S. and the world, who have a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. They all contributed to my learning.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2021

My Program Track:


Prior Education:

University of Queensland
Law/International Relations/History, 2017
Brisbane, Australia

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua’s emphasis on the importance of developing a connection to fellow students and creating a community beyond the classroom was a strong attraction for me. I’m a naturally outgoing person and draw a lot of energy from engaging with colleagues and fellow students - so finding a program that emphasized community was important to me. I was also confident that the team-based curriculum would ensure I had significant opportunities to engage with my fellow students and tap into their diverse experiences and backgrounds. This sense of connection and community was something I found attractive when applying and has been integral to ensuring a fantastic experience despite COVID-19.

Before Fuqua

I worked for three years at the Nous Group, a management consultancy firm founded in Australia. This experience exposed me to the application of data science in public and private enterprises and spurred me to explore opportunities to sharpen my quantitative skillset.

After Fuqua

I plan to explore opportunities for work in management consulting or as a strategy analyst within larger organizations to support strategic decision-making and the implementation of strategic initiatives – whether that be in the U.S. or back home in Australia.

Top 5 Places to Enjoy the Outdoors

  1. Asheville – Check out DuPont State Forest if you like to hike.
  2. Outer Banks – A great beach getaway with lots of cool history too.
  3. Duke Forest – The Al Buehler Trail is one of my favorite places to go for a run.
  4. Hanging Rock State Park – A nice place to hike with awesome views and a great lake to cool off in.
  5. Jordan Lake – A great spot in Durham that is excellent for a picnic or a swim. It’s especially nice on hot summer days when you’re new to the area.

What I Love About Durham

Durham is an awesome city to live in. Coming from a larger city back home, I’ve loved the change of pace, temperate climate, and leafy surroundings. Durham is an excellent size for getting around and getting outdoors. There are a number of excellent bars and restaurants and the town definitely has a distinct student feel to it. It’s also well situated between the mountains and the beach, meaning a change of scenery or weekend away is always in the cards.

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MQM: Business Analytics

Erin King

Class of 2021
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MQM: Business Analytics

Max Gordon

Class of 2020
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MQM: Business Analytics

Shruthi Jawaharlal

Class of 2020
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MQM: Business Analytics

Zoey Hart

Class of 2020