Chris Hanlon
"I didn't expect to be having as much fun as I'm having. Coming from NYC, I thought I'd be tired of Durham in no time, but I'm still getting to know this town. There's always something new to do, someone new to meet, someplace new to go."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018
Investment Banking

Prior Education:

Providence College
Finance, 2009
Yorktown, New York

Why I Chose Fuqua

When considering business schools, I had a few non-negotiables. I wanted to attend a school that has a tight knit and immersive community, offers top-notch global opportunities, and teaches a broad general management curriculum so that I could be exposed to many disciplines. Duke nails all three, and that’s just the start.

I also chose it because of the tremendous alumni network and Duke's globally respected brand. Not to mention, the campus is beautiful, the weather is amazing, and two years in Durham is a very welcome reprieve from life in New York City.


5 Fuqua Clubs to Keep an Eye On

  1. Hospitality and Travel Club – connects students to hotel, resort, and airline companies around the world plus great events at local airports for a behind the scenes look. A Las Vegas week-in-cities is being introduced next year.
  2. BOLD (Building Outdoor Leadership at Duke) – weekend camping/hiking trips culminating in keystone expeditions to locations such as Patagonia, Ecuador, Chile and the Grand Canyon. This is a graduate-school wide organization, so you’ll get to know students across Duke University.
  3. Wine Club – “Wine Around the World” where you’ll apartment-hop with mixed first and second years, trying all different wines.
  4. FuquaVision – the sketch/prank/parody comedy troupe that produces videos for a much anticipated school-wide screening at the end of every term.
  5. Fuqua On Board – places students as board members of Durham area nonprofit organizations, so you’ll take on projects and learn more about nonprofit governance.

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked at a fintech startup company called Benchmark Solutions, and at JPMorgan, and GFI Group. I focused on electronic trading strategy and traded corporate bonds, and credit default swaps with the world’s largest investment banks.

My Life After Fuqua

I will be returning to finance, transitioning from sales and trading to investment banking where I will focus on technology and fintech companies.

My Fuqua Activities

Finance Club

Venture Capital Investment Competition

Tech Club



DUHatch Incubator

Plenty of time at the WaDuke

Random Fact About Me

I’m a certified SCUBA diver and have been inside ten different shipwrecks (and one 'plane-wreck').

What I Love About My Team

We’ve (unofficially) been voted ‘C-LEAD team everyone wants to be on.’ Hector is a former corporate intelligence officer at a world class manufacturing company in Mexico. Luke is a Canadian-born, US-based BCG consultant and absolute mental powerhouse who knows how to work hard and play hard. Candace comes from Brooklyn, completely controls the room when she speaks and is transitioning from finance to brand management. Eason is a Taiwanese military veteran and health-tech entrepreneur who is parlaying his software engineering background into high tech product management. And finally Alex, a well-dressed rugby-playing Brit who will one day be running a global media empire.

Student Network

Chris Hanlon Daytime MBA

Chris Hanlon

Class of 2018
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