Chris Hersh's portrait image
“I have taken my program team experience and applied it to my interactions with people both inside the hospital as well as in my practice. People have great ideas if you just elicit them.”
Norfolk Hand Surgery Center

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2020
Health Care—Physician

Prior Education:

Duke University
MBA, 1999
Portsmouth, Virginia

Why MSQM: Health Analytics

Health care is changing. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and data analytics is becoming a cornerstone of decision processes. I have always believed in lifelong learning and staying relevant in my industry. Developing expertise in analytics and applying that to management issues is part of continued career growth. Duke University is a leader in business education and a leader in health care; what better place to learn quantitative management and health analytics?

Before Fuqua

I have recently completed service at a local hospital as chairperson of surgery. I currently run an orthopaedic hand practice as the managing partner. I manage the strategic plans and operations of the practice and am also taking care of patients.

After Fuqua

I hope to take my career experience and meld it with health care analytics to make better decisions for my current practice and to improve our delivery of care. As my career evolves, I plan on using my skill sets to contribute to the greater health care industry.


You will get out of the program what you put into the program. Learn about your teammates, both strengths and weaknesses, and work towards contributing to the improvement of each team member and yourself. You can learn so much from your fellow teammates and classmates. Some of the best discussions I’ve had involved sharing different professional experiences with one another.