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“Fuqua provides an incredible array of opportunities for students to get involved with special interest groups, extracurricular clubs, and professional development. The common link among all these varied opportunities is the lifeblood of Fuqua itself: the students. I’ve had the opportunity to meet individuals both within and outside of my program who have had a profound impact on me.”

MMS: Foundations of Business

Class of 2019

Prior Education:

Brown University
Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations, 2018
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Why I Chose Fuqua

I think of Fuqua as an institution that is fundamentally different from traditional business schools and other secondary education institutions. Rather than focusing solely on the quality of traditional academic topics, Fuqua prioritizes bringing its students together and creating life-changing interpersonal connections. My desire to experience this environment drew me to Fuqua, and in my time here, I have grown as an individual, as a professional, and as a leader, in no small part thanks to the support of those around me. This personal growth that results from interacting with an incredibly talented group of peers is intrinsic to the Fuqua experience and places this school in a league of its own.

Before Fuqua

My experiences in entrepreneurship and startup ideation played a significant role in my desire to pursue an MMS degree. I learned that because entrepreneurship is inherently self-driven, it demands both theoretical and practical expertise in a wide array of business fields. I knew the MMS program’s commitment to a well-rounded business education and its focus on teamwork made it the perfect fit for an aspiring entrepreneur like me.

After Fuqua

Ever since my first experience with startup creation during my undergraduate career, I have absolutely loved the field of entrepreneurship. The idea of building a business from scratch is appealing to me because I prefer taking an active, hands-on approach to creating and testing theories. I also enjoy using my skills to analyze problems and come up with a unique, creative, and effective solution.

What I Love About Durham

Because I care deeply about food and cooking, living in Durham and attending Fuqua are absolute delights. It’s great to live in a city that cares so much about the quality and variety of the food it offers, with cuisines ranging from 4-seat-per-night Japanese fine dining restaurants to the best place in the state for chicken and waffles. Being able to visit the farmers market on any given week and have fascinating conversations with people running their own farms and businesses is both endlessly entertaining and enlightening. Similarly, the diverse backgrounds of the student body at Fuqua provide for fascinating conversations about food and eating customs across countries—and the new potluck dinners organized by the MMS Student Association present great opportunities to share our cultures through food!

Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

Undergraduate Majors

Liberal Arts (33%)
Business/Accounting (24%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (18%)
Economics (17%)
Other (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Foundations of Business

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship



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