Daniel Simon
“I expected that I would be solely focused on my studies and that the greatest value I would get out of the experience would be the technical skills. However, I now believe that the greatest source of value has come not from the skills learned, but from the relationships developed with others at Fuqua.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2018

My Program Track:

Asset Management

Prior Education:

Vanderbilt University
Human & Organizational Development, 2013
Chappaqua, New York

Why I Chose Fuqua

I was seeking a master’s program in business analytics, but I also wanted to learn about finance. I had no previous background in the field but was eager to learn. Most business analytics degrees don’t allow for specialization, but Fuqua’s MQM program offered the opportunity not just to sharpen my data analysis skills, but also to obtain an excellent finance education. Additionally, I was attracted to the incredible prestige of Duke University and Fuqua’s worldwide renown, as well as the desirable location in beautiful North Carolina.

Before Fuqua

I worked for 3 years at UBS, which is what primed me for the MQM program. I learned SQL and worked in various capacities providing reporting and analytics services. It was this exposure to data analytics that sparked my interest in pursuing a business analytics degree.

During Fuqua

I have been intentionally participating in activities that are outside of my normal comfort zone and learning from those experiences. Academically, I have been challenged by more complex math than I have seen in several years. I’m also working on improving my leadership skills through my involvement with the Finance Club and through serving as a team captain for the Bloomberg Trading Challenge.

My MQM Track

Finance is a perfect track for MQM, because data analysis really is at the core of modern finance. Prior to coming to Fuqua, I had no formal education in finance, so I was hoping to at least learn the basics and gain a strong foundational knowledge. In such a fast-paced program, it became clear early on that we would be learning much more than just the foundations. Through our track-related coursework, I have begun to gain experience using computational methods to solve pricing and asset allocation problems. Going forward, I hope to expand my skills in data analysis applied to financial modeling and begin developing trading strategies.

5 Ways To Maximize Your Time At Fuqua

  1. Although it is important, schoolwork is not everything. Make time for yourself and for connecting with others at Fuqua. Learning takes place outside of the classroom just as much as it does inside.
  2. Get to know your professors and other faculty. You have easy and immediate access to some of the world’s most brilliant minds for a limited time, so take advantage of that.
  3. Experience some parts of the larger Duke and Durham communities. Venture around campus every once in a while; there is more to Duke than Fuqua. Attending basketball games is a must.
  4. Be sure to get out of Durham every now and then. There are plenty of fun things to do in Chapel Hill and Raleigh.
  5. Use the resources Ford Library has to offer. The librarians are extremely helpful and can teach you to use many great tools, such as the Bloomberg Terminal or job search databases.
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MQM: Business Analytics

Rachel Shi

Class of 2019
Daniel Simon
MQM: Business Analytics

Daniel Simon

Class of 2018
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MQM: Business Analytics

Rohma Zubair

Class of 2019
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MQM: Business Analytics

Zach Dow

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