Devika Srimal
“As an entrepreneur, my greatest MBA achievement was reaching the finals of the Duke Start-Up Challenge and raising 4k USD through a crowdfunding campaign. In a low-risk environment, I became skilled at pitching to investors and increasing my brand’s exposure.”
Founder and CEO

Cross Continent MBA*

Class of 2015
Fashion & Retail

Prior Education:

Chartered Accountant, 2011

University of Warwick
Accounting & Finance, 2008
New Delhi

*Now the Global Executive MBA program.


My first Fuqua team included a healthcare consultant from DC; an ex-Air Force officer from the Bay Area; a tobacco industry expert from New Jersey; a finance mogul; a strategist for a French infrastructure company; and yours truly, a UK accountant becoming an early-stage entrepreneur in India. It was a lovely mix of backgrounds, skills, knowledge, and culture that enhanced the overall experience for everyone, and we learnt how to straddle across four different time zones—essential, real-life learning! Traveling to so many countries with such a diverse class gave me a profound understanding of businesses, cultures, and opportunities around the globe.

Before Fuqua

I spent several years with Ernst & Young in London, where I led engagements for hedge funds, asset managers and private equity clients. Then I moved to Gurgaon, India for a corporate finance opportunity at Deloitte doing due diligence for M&A transactions.

After Fuqua

I did a complete 180 and finally found my calling. I started KANNABIS—a fashion-forward, high-quality, PETA-approved vegan footwear brand for women. I built a team and we do everything, from sourcing and sales to marketing and distribution. The scope of work is immense but very exciting and satisfying.


5 Tips for a Successful Team

  1. Divide and rule—the winning strategy to ensure you get the best results and no one person gets swamped.
  2. Make your goals clear so there are no surprises. If you’re aiming to be a Fuqua Scholar, make the team aware so that expectations are managed accordingly.
  3. Be flexible. Your teammates will be from different backgrounds and will have different experiences, so you’ll need to be adaptable and find your synergies.
  4. Have open conversations when there’s conflict. Make sure everyone’s voice is heard.
  5. Sign up to work on your weak areas. Rather than do something you already know, try your hand at the unknown so you can learn new skills in a low-risk environment.

Admissions Insight

What's Up with the *Asterisks*

Admissions staffer Dan McCleary in his office
Long story short—we evolved our portfolio to provide additional flexibility for students and recruit an even stronger mix of backgrounds, ages, experiences, and career stages.
Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship

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Global Executive MBA

Ricardo Antonio Zarak

Class of 2018
Cesar Del Castillo de Pando
Global Executive MBA

Cesar Del Castillo de Pando

Class of 2016
Jennifer Preston
Global Executive MBA

Jennifer Preston

Class of 2016
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Global Executive MBA

Josh Cogdill

Class of 2018