Photo of Ebose Ogbebor
“From current students to alumni, the diversity within Fuqua has not failed to surprise me. My classmates are some of the smartest and most diverse people I’ve ever met. It has been enriching to learn about their different cultures, backgrounds, and interests.”

MMS: Foundations of Business

Class of 2021

Prior Education:

Baylor University
Health Science Studies, 2020
Houston, Texas

Why I Chose Fuqua

I was looking for ways to acquire strong business acumen and open the door to more career opportunities. While attending the workshop for minority applicants hosted by the Black and Latino MBA Organization (BLMBAO), I was convinced that Fuqua was the perfect place to kickstart my career. Not only is it a well-renowned academic institution, but it is filled with amazing people. I could not wait to be part of the Fuqua family.

Before Fuqua

I worked as a research assistant with Baylor’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience during undergrad. One of my research projects explored cognitive biases in hiring decisions. These same psychological concepts also appeared during my management & organizational behavior class while learning about leadership and organizations. This initiated my interest in management programs and ultimately led me to pursue an MMS degree.

After Fuqua

I want to apply everything I have learned in the MMS program towards an impactful career within the marketing industry. I hope to leverage my background in psychological research to understand consumer behavior, the motivation behind purchases, and the decisions to support a brand. I also want to use my creative experiences to build, design, and market successful campaigns.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at Fuqua

  1. Attend as many events as you possibly can. You’re only here for a year; make it count!
  2. Get to know your classmates; building a bond with them is important! It's easier to work with friends, and together you will go far!
  3. Make use of the study rooms. Those rooms have been there for me through multiple online classes, informational interviews, meetings, and Zoom events.
  4. Use all of the resources that the Career Management Center has to offer! From resume reviews, career coaches, and mock interviews, don’t let them go to waste!
  5. Engage with the Fuqua community. There are lots of ways to be involved, from clubs to activities. Do not be afraid to stray away from the MMS bubble to meet MQM or MBA students. Fuqua is one big family.

What I Love About Durham

Growing up in a big city like Houston and spending four years in a small town like Waco, I find Durham to be the sweet spot in the middle. It has the small-town vibes, with local businesses and a diverse close-knit community, but it’s also not so small that it feels like there’s nothing to do. As a foodie, Durham’s food scene is one of the best. My Instagram is full of images from my explorations around the American Tobacco Campus, Brightleaf Square, local shops, and more.

Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

Undergraduate Majors

Liberal Arts (33%)
Business/Accounting (24%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (18%)
Economics (17%)
Other (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Foundations of Business

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship



Photo of Stephen Irving
MMS: Foundations of Business

Stephen Irving

Class of 2021
Photo of Ebose Ogbebor
MMS: Foundations of Business

Ebose Ogbebor

Class of 2021
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MMS: Foundations of Business

Yi Shu

Class of 2021
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MMS: Foundations of Business

Audreya Metz

Class of 2021