Emily Carsch
“The incredible thing about Fuqua is the level of autonomy students have to take matters into their own hands. If there’s something we don’t like or want to change, we are given the freedom and support to act.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2019
Human Capital Consulting, Human Resources Management

Prior Education:

University of Southern California
Communication, 2010
Los Angeles, California
USA / Germany

Why I Chose Fuqua

I was drawn to Fuqua’s diverse and flourishing culture and community. Everything is largely student-driven, giving each class the opportunity to impact change and leave a lasting impression. I loved the program’s focus on teamwork to help individuals succeed.

There’s no doubt that on-the-job training can teach individuals how to complete their daily tasks, but learning how to be a great leader isn’t so simple. Fuqua carefully constructs a 2-year curriculum that transforms its students into conscientious, influential, and globally-minded trailblazers.

5 Top Duke Spots To Visit

  1. Duke Gardens: There’s nothing like going for a walk with friends in the gardens to clear your head and get outside.
  2. Gothic Reading Room: This is a great quiet place to study and makes you feel like you’re in Hogwarts.
  3. The Wellness Center: Duke’s new wellness center boasts massage chairs, quiet nooks, and a baby grand piano if you want to go play. It’s a great place to find some zen.
  4. Brodhead Center: Sometimes it’s good to get out of Fuqua to grab a bite to eat. This place offers every food genre you can think of and has won awards for being one of the top on-campus student dining facilities in the country.
  5. Cameron Indoor Stadium: You can’t be a Duke student without going to a basketball game.

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked in Human Resources for TOMS Shoes in Los Angeles and was fortunate to travel to Peru and South Africa to put shoes on children’s feet.

I’ve also had brief stints in higher education and the entertainment industry. I used to get Ryan Seacrest his coffee!

My Life After Fuqua

This summer, I’ll be interning for Deloitte out of their Atlanta office. I hope to continue to have the opportunity to work in consulting following the MBA. In the long term, I want to return to Human Resources, using what I learned during business school to become a better strategic partner.

My Fuqua Activities

Association for Women in Business

COLE Fellow

Consulting Club

Forte Fellow

Human Capital Club

Leadership Cohort Experience

Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series

MBA Association

My Summer Internship Experience

This summer, I'll be interning for Deloitte at their Atlanta office.

What I Love About My Team

My team members have challenged me and pushed me in ways I didn’t think possible. Though we’re extremely diverse, with differing experiences and perspectives, we quickly learned how best to work as a team. We’ve learned each other’s strengths and how to leverage them, while also pushing each other in ways that force our development and growth. Even though the core coursework is now complete and we are no longer working together on assignments, we continue to talk every day and love spending time together.

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