Daytime MBA Student Erica Charles
“I am interested in more strategic roles because I want to gain more experience growing companies. I am from a very small country, Grenada, where the people are very entrepreneurial but there is also a very high rate of unemployment. I would like to take my experience back to my home county to help businesses there grow in order to create more jobs locally.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2023

Prior Education:

The Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania BS Economics, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia and St. George, Grenada
Grenada / USA

Why I Chose Fuqua

The Fuqua community was the driving factor in me choosing to pursue my MBA here. During the process of applying to business schools, Fuqua alumni and current students were very responsive to my cold LinkedIn messages requesting to chat about their experience. This engagement from alumni and students reassured me that having direct access to this network would be beneficial throughout my career post MBA.



Five Ways to Make Friends at Fuqua

  1. Say yes! Be open to trying new experiences.
  2. Join student activity clubs. Engage in club activities or even run for cabinet positions.
  3. Host an event! Everyone loves a great host. Plan an event or activity and share it with your class.
  4. Fuqua Friday is a great place to interact with classmates before you head to Shooters.
  5. S9 Pool Party. Before classes start, the pool at Station Nine Apartments is the place to meet fellow students.

My Life Before Fuqua

I was a Project Manager in IT Innovation at a Financial Services company. I was responsible for identifying high-value digital transformative projects for the Property Tax practice using surface level automation and analytics software. I also helped manage a team of developers that were responsible for delivering these transformative projects.

My Life After Fuqua

I plan on working in corporate strategy or product management. At Fuqua I have been working on developing skills to transition to more strategic roles by taking strategy courses, participating in experiential learning opportunities creating strategic plans through FCCP, and managing budgets and developing leadership skills through my leadership roles in MBAA and BLMBAO.

My Fuqua Activities

MBA Association (Student Organizations)


General Management Club

“I learned that aligning on goals first is very important to having a good team experience. My C-Lead team and I were able to share with each other what our priorities were for the upcoming year, which was recruiting. But this would not have been possible if we were not open and honest with each other.”
Daytime MBA Student Dayo Adesanya
Daytime MBA

Dayo Adesanya

Class of 2023
Arya Diwase
Daytime MBA

Arya Diwase

Class of 2024
Daytime MBA Student Xiaobao Li
Daytime MBA

Xiaobao Li

Class of 2024
Daytime MBA Student Nikita Ojha
Daytime MBA

Nikita Ojha

Class of 2023