Fred Westin
“I grew extremely close to my team, and have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with them regularly. Your classmates are really what shape you through the program.”
Business Finance Partner

Cross Continent MBA*

Class of 2015

Prior Education:

North Carolina State University Business Management, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

*Now the Global Executive MBA program.


My career seemed to be heading in a specialized direction tying me to one field and region, and I needed an MBA to transition to the next step. I felt most program formats came with significant drawbacks—for a full-time program it was the lost income, and for part-time formats it was the program duration. When I discovered that the Cross Continent MBA allowed me to continue working, explore culture and business practices across the globe, all in under 2 years, I was sold. Plus the curriculum was exactly the same as the Daytime program, and had the same professors. There was no downside.

Before Fuqua

I worked for Credit Suisse in their Equity Derivatives team and bridged sales, trading, and operations. I was responsible for accurately capturing trades after execution, and ensuring that trades progressed through the lifecycle.

After Fuqua

I am now a Business Finance Partner for a Danish biotech company specializing in enzymes. Essentially, I’m a “mini-CFO” for the biofuels divisions, working with budgets, sales estimates, and product profitability figures to help the business line vice president make strategic decisions.

Advice for Prospective Students

Your life will get turned completely upside down the moment you receive your first packet with details prior to Term 1. The whirlwind won’t stop until after Term 6. To balance the obligations you’ll need to set expectations early with work, significant others, family, and friends. Dedicate the time needed to succeed and really learn the material. You are investing a lot in your education. To stay sane, schedule time for things other than work and school, because you need time to unwind to function. And set up shared calendars with teammates.

Admissions Insight

What's Up with the *Asterisks*

Admissions staffer Dan McCleary in his office
Long story short—we evolved our portfolio to provide additional flexibility for students and recruit an even stronger mix of backgrounds, ages, experiences, and career stages.
Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship

Jennifer Preston
Global Executive MBA

Jennifer Preston

Class of 2016
Kofi Awuku
Global Executive MBA

Kofi K. Awuku

Class of 2015
Gentry Brann's gallery photo
Global Executive MBA

Gentry Brann

Class of 2018
Image of Amanda Wyzenbeek's portrait
Global Executive MBA

Amanda Wyzenbeek

Class of 2018