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“My path before Fuqua led me to interact with people who had similar backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Learning from diverse classmates has transformed me into becoming a more empathetic, understanding leader that I will take with me well beyond my time at Fuqua.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2021
Health Care

Prior Education:

The University of Texas at Austin
Biomedical Engineering/Finance, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

Why I Chose Fuqua

My top criteria for a business school was a strong healthcare offering, a quality location and attractive place to live, and support for partners. Fuqua offered a rare mix of all three. The healthcare offering and experience I have had is unparalleled; I will be a better leader because of it. Durham (and North Carolina) offers a great quality of life. Coming to school with a partner, I wanted to ensure that she would be included in the community; we could not be more pleased with Fuqua’s encouragement to invite her to events and the strength of the Fuqua Partners club social and support offerings.

Top Five Places to Run

  1. Al Buehler Trail – Take a break between classes and head across the street for this three-mile, shaded adventure through the woods.
  2. American Tobacco Trail – Starting at the Durham Bulls’ stadium, jump on over twenty miles of flat, paved trail that was originally a railroad.
  3. Eno River State Park – If running next to water is your jam, jog or hike along this peaceful water source.
  4. Duke Forest – Just west of campus, this trail offers great access to the quiet of nature without going very far to get there. If you need a peaceful, relaxing run, look no further.
  5. North Carolina Museum of Art Trail – Combine vigorous activity and viewing art by running through this local trail, full of outdoor art and sculptures.

My Life Before Fuqua

I started my career in Denver with the corporate strategy group of DaVita, a Fortune 200 provider of kidney dialysis, and primary care. After two years, I moved to Nashville and worked within growth and operations at Aspire Health, a venture-backed provider of home-based pre-hospice care.

My Life After Fuqua

I desire to be a healthcare leader, ideally by impacting strategy and investment decisions at a large healthcare payer or provider. I hope to positively shape how healthcare organizations grow to better serve vulnerable patients in need.

My Fuqua Activities

Mentored Study

Working with a healthcare private equity firm through the Mentored Study program has given me a real-world understanding of how PE firms function.

What I Love About Durham

The quality of life is unbeatable, offering a wide array of activities to meet varied interests. I’ve truly enjoyed the opportunities to get outdoors that Durham offers, including trails to run, mountains to hike, and parks to play Spikeball in. There are numerous breweries for spending time with friends on a Saturday afternoon and great restaurants to explore. Living in Durham has kept me busy, healthy, and happy, and I would love to live here long term.

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Daytime MBA

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