MSQM: HA Student Ifrah Sohail
"The most surprising thing about MSQM: HA program is discovering that programming isn't as daunting as I initially thought. In fact, three semesters in, I find it somewhat enjoyable. Fuqua honestly is like a cult (I mean in a good way!). Once you're in it, every person here wants you to be successful and they will make sure that you succeed."

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2025
Health Care / Health Data

Prior Education:

University of North Dakota
Biology (Pre-med)
Karachi, Pakistan
Pakistani American


I chose the MSQM: Health Analytics at Fuqua because of its comprehensive curriculum, combining data techniques, core business disciplines such as finance, accounting, and a deep focus on health care leadership. It perfectly blends business with advanced data analytics, essential for my dual role as a tech startup founder and a Data Scientist.

Our classes emphasize applying machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization to real-world health care scenarios to improve health care delivery and patient care. Our program's focus on health care policy, life sciences strategy, and data visualization aligns with my long-term goal of becoming a health care consultant and eventually transitioning into the private equity and mergers & acquisitions industry.


Before Fuqua

I transform and analyze high-dimensional data using Python and R scripts, incorporating regular expressions and data cleaning techniques. I filter, curate, and maintain structured and unstructured datasets using SAS queries. For instance, we use ThoughtSpot to create predictive models for health insurance claims and financial data to forecast trends and detect anomalies. Lately, I've been learning about A/B and hypothesis testing to evaluate model performance. It's a learning curve for me, but my classes have helped me build a solid foundation. In our team, we use Power BI to visualize data and create business strategy reports for stakeholders. My role involves continuously improving data-driven decision-making processes through advanced data analytics and machine learning.

After Fuqua

Once I graduate, I want to use my skills in advanced data analytics, health care leadership, and business to progress in my career. My objective is to transition into a management position where I can lead strategic initiatives. Specifically, I am interested in pursuing a consulting role in the health care industry. I am also open to exploring opportunities in private equity and mergers & acquisitions, where I can apply the analytical and financial skills I acquired at Fuqua to evaluate investments, conduct due diligence, and facilitate successful business integrations.

The Impact of the MSQM: HA Degree

The health care industry faces numerous challenges such as the need for improved patient outcomes, cost reduction, efficient resource allocation, and the integration of advanced technologies, alongside complex regulations and data privacy concerns. Pursuing a degree in Health Analytics will provide me with advanced data-driven decision-making skills to address these challenges. It will enable me to optimize resources and develop innovative solutions for such issues. The program's focus on health care policy, ethics, core business fundamentals, leadership, and strategy will give me confidence to lead teams, drive strategic initiatives, and improve my capacity to convey complex analytical insights to stakeholders, to not only help them make but also implement those data-driven informed decisions.