Accelerated MSQM: BA Student Jenn Lee
"Make time for every opportunity you can, and if you think it doesn’t exist ask. The faculty here care and they want this to be an amazing experience that has a massive impact on your life and future career. Team Fuqua is real."

MSQM: Accelerated Business Analytics

Class of 2024

Prior Education:

University of California, Berkeley
Indiana University
Economics, Area Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Lake Tahoe, NV


Analytics are the way of the future. When I decided on a career pivot I knew I wanted some additional coursework in analytics. I felt like a lot of programs emphasized the theory without teaching the computer science. Before Fuqua, I had some of the old-school theoretical foundation but none of the applied skills and big data understanding needed in the present job landscape.

I had always wanted to go to Fuqua so when I knew I was looking for programs that would give me additional analytic expertise Fuqua was at the top of my list. I got into a number of programs at top universities but chose the MSQM at Fuqua for its emphasis on programming in multiple programming languages, application of analytics, and Fuqua's Accelerated Business Analytics program for students that already have MBAs.

The Accelerated Business Analytics program has allowed me to focus on learning in courses that I haven't taken yet as opposed to repeating MBA coursework like many programs out there require. This has given me the freedom to allocate energy towards learning that is new while committing to a job pivot, which has been highly fruitful.



Before Fuqua

Prior to and during my time at Fuqua I was an entrepreneur and former professional athlete.  

After Fuqua

Upon graduation, I will be working in consulting where I will carry my bag of Fuqua tools with me to effectively add value for organizations.  

Best Piece of Advice

Being literate, functional, and having developed the muscle to learn quickly in today’s data-driven environment, not to mention getting to learn from and be part of the Duke and Fuqua communities, is an incredible gift and privilege. Data, statistics, and programming literacy is very freeing. If you are poised with the opportunity to obtain additional education, go for it!

This program is rigorous. I went from almost no coding experience to breaking an R file due to using too much memory during my first term. It may have been at 2am while working on a final. Yes, there was a parallel Python file; we do both here at Fuqua. The plethora of professors with both industry expertise and PhDs from the most rigorous top universities pull no punches, especially during finals week. They are also incredibly available and supportive. Duke Fuqua is a very special academic and human environment, Team Fuqua is real. In top tier academic programs this combination is rare.

With hard work and wise time management, success is very achievable in this program. Duke Fuqua are experts in teaching people rapidly who are starting from scratch in different skill sets (statistics, programming, business, etc.). If you have a true desire to learn and fill skill gaps in Business Analytics and Quantitative Management, no matter your current level, this is a fantastic program.