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“One of my teams had incredible expertise. We had a finance research analyst, a team leader in engineering, a strategy consultant, and a director of marketing. They had content knowledge that helped with classes, but more importantly, they shared professional insights that enhanced my learning experience.”
Neuroradiologist, Vice-Chair of Radiology Enterprise Integration, Medical Director of Johns Hopkins Imaging
Johns Hopkins Health System

Weekend Executive MBA

Class of 2019

Prior Education:

Duke University
MHS, Medicine, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland


In the first month of my new job at Johns Hopkins, I used material from my strategy class to lead a discussion about our organization’s strategy. Accounting allowed me to understand financial statements and ask key questions to guide my first few projects. These are skills that I was never taught in medical school and now set me apart from most physicians. Furthermore, I see problems and solutions differently. With a business education, I am focused on the customer’s experience, maximizing impact with available resources, using data to drive better conversations, and aligning our people and activities so that they are complementary.

Before Fuqua

I was a Neuroradiologist at Duke Medicine engaged in direct patient care and research. I also had a few clinical and education-based leadership roles in the Department of Radiology. I saw getting an MBA as an opportunity to grow personally and to prepare for future leadership roles.

After Fuqua

I am now in a new job at Johns Hopkins. As Vice-Chair of Integration, I will be building a system that aims to maintain high quality in patient care and improve physician efficiency as Hopkins Radiology grows and integrates other radiology practices. As Medical Director, I will be applying accounting, marketing, and operations skills to my organization’s business decisions and improving our financial performance.

5 Places to Visit in Durham

  1. My favorite restaurants—Gocciolina, Littler, Pizzeria Toro
  2. Sarah P. Duke Gardens
  3. Cameron Indoor Stadium
  4. Duke University Chapel
  5. Downtown Durham

Weekend Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

IT (16%)
Financial Services (14%)
Health Care/Health Services (10%)
Manufacturing/Operations (9%)
Sales/Business Development (8%)
Consulting (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
Weekend Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Students with Advanced Degrees


Countries Represented



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