Jeroune Rhodes
“I’m trying to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, so I let my section-mates throw me up a 15-foot wall during Global Institute and made a complete fool of myself dancing in front of 420 peers during Section Olympics. Work in progress!”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018

Prior Education:

Rice University
Mechanical Engineering, 2011
Minden, Louisiana

Why I Chose Fuqua

I felt a warm, supportive community when I visited campus. My interactions with students and alumni during Minority Weekend left the impression that Fuqua was all about the people. Fuqua creates an environment of respect that facilitates authentic interactions and learning from my classmates, which I have found to be invaluable. And I know that after graduation, I will have a strong, supportive alumni network providing me with personal and professional development support.

Fuqua brand was also an important factoring in selecting a business school. I knew that having Fuqua on my resume would open career opportunities.


5 Tips for Acing Your Admissions Interview

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Do your research. Know why you want to go to business school, and especially the impact you would like to have on the school.
  3. Reach out to current students and alumni to learn about their experiences. This helps determine whether you could see yourself at that school.
  4. Ask your interviewer questions. Make the interview process a two-way dialogue to determine if the school will be a good fit for you.
  5. DBW - don't be weird! That includes asking inappropriate questions (i.e. GPA and GMAT scores).

My Life Before Fuqua

I was a machinery engineer with Shell Oil Company providing technical support to one of the largest refineries in the world. Then I worked for The Dow Chemical Company supporting the operation of two manufacturing facilities.

My Life After Fuqua

I want to get back into operations and manufacturing arena, perhaps within the tech industry, leading process improvements.

My Fuqua Activities

Duke Black and Latino MBA Organization



Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) Team Lead

Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series (LEADS)

Admissions Fellow

MBA Association Diversity and International Affairs Cabinet Member

Random Fact About Me

I instantly fell in love with CrossFit after my first workout when I had to crawl back to my car. After extremely busy fall and spring terms, I have been able to fit it into my schedule.

What I Love About My Team

My C-LEAD team is the definition of diverse. Our interactions have helped me in understanding other viewpoints and perspectives on different topics. We represent five different countries, although coincidentally four of us majored in engineering as undergraduates. The other two were accounting and English majors.

As we have collaborated on assignments in different subject areas, it is clear each of us brings different strengths and approaches to solving problems. I see very different cultural norms and values on display as we are working together, and feel this understanding will help me as I enter the workforce in a rapidly globalizing economy.

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