MSQM: BA Student Jerry Branum
"The most surprising part of this program is how manageable the workload is. I'm a father of two and dedicated to advancing my career in my day job, which often means going above and beyond. Yet, given how the classes have been thoughtfully laid out, I've still been able to take on new projects at work and even make it to most of my kids' sporting and school events."
Regional Performance Manager

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2025

Prior Education:

California State University, Fullerton
Business Administration
Paso Robles, CA


Initially, I was looking to take on an MBA program. However, once I stumbled across the Masters of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics program, I knew it was perfect for me. I've always been a data-driven leader, and this program's courses catered to taking that skill set to the next level. Compared to an MBA, the MSQM: BA program gives you a unique lane to travel that provides increasing value as data and technology continue redefining our world. As relevant as this was, one other item sealed the deal: Team Fuqua. From the entrance interviews to the teams you'll form in the first few days of the program, everyone is aligned toward the same goal of making meaningful life-long connections amongst a diverse group of individuals who are all marching toward making this world a better place, one step at a time. 



Before Fuqua

I’ve worked as an individual contributor in various roles before moving into a mid-level management position. I’ve spent the last ten years growing into the capable leader I am today. However, I’ve increasingly craved more challenge and growth over the past few years. A craving to find out where my limits are, and a deep desire to seek out others on the same journey has brought me to Fuqua. 

After Fuqua

After completing my degree, I plan to move into a role that allows me to find the depths of my potential while surrounding myself with a diverse group of people seeking to do the same. This role is one where I'm taking a pivotal role within the team in crafting the vision, driving strategic decisions, and leveraging the data toolkit I've learned here at Fuqua to drive ROI while making each day better than the day before. 

Best Piece of Advice

Life has a way of trying to sync up your work commitments, class assignments, and personal responsibilities. I’ve found that the more intentional I can be about staying ahead in at least two of these areas, the better I can respond to the dynamics of the third.