John Fritts, MSQM: ABA '22
“Data Analytics is becoming increasingly vital in virtually every industry in existence, and the military is not immune to this sea change in organizational operations. If you challenge yourself in this top-tier program, you’ll ensure that you can benefit from this development and not be left behind.”
Helicopter Pilot, Program Manager
US Navy

MSQM: Accelerated Business Analytics

Class of 2022

Prior Education:

Washington State University
MBA, 2021
United States Naval Academy
History, 2012
Arlington, Virginia


MBA coursework in quantitative areas piqued my interest in how data analytics could be leveraged for every business, and I wanted to go beyond the basics we’d covered at that level. Duke offered a terrific combination of value, flexibility, and rigor that was unmatched by any other program in further developing this skillset. With the data analytics familiarity I’ve gained from the MSQM program, I can confidently articulate decisions and arguments for a variety of subjects based on statistical inference. I can lean on data analytics comfortably in the future as the foundation of career success.

Before Fuqua

In my role, I develop and implement a pre-deployment training program for Navy helicopter pilots. I help tie together the Executive, Maintenance, Operations, and Training departments of my military squadron, serving as a subject matter expert for tactics and ensuring important missions are executed at the highest level of proficiency.

After Fuqua

If I continue a career in the Navy, I’ll plan to apply MSQM concepts to human performance and warfighting research within military aviation. If I separate from the military, I plan to use data analytics concepts as a core part of my decision making for any career I pursue.

My Favorite Professor

Professor Barak Richman is a standout. He has the unique ability to lead a free-flowing debate about data and ethics that gets the whole class involved without straying away from the main focus of a class.