Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics Student Jose Zuart
“My five-member team represented four different nationalities (India, China, USA, and Mexico) and four different undergrad backgrounds (Economics, Finance, Statistics, and Engineering.) I enjoyed being able to see and learn a little about how other cultures operate and the professionalism they put into work. I especially liked their different approaches to solve problems.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2022

My Program Track:


Prior Education:

Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey
Economics and Finance, 2019
Mexico City, Mexico

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua's emphasis on building friendships and good relationships was one of the main reasons I chose to attend. The combination of analytics, soft-skills, and finance was also a large factor in making the decision. In addition, the program’s orientation to teamwork was of great interest to me, as well as being able to develop business solutions in classes and not only learn the concepts in a theoretical way.

Before Fuqua

Before Fuqua, I worked for two years at Citibank in Mexico. It was a great experience; however, I realized that I wanted to develop quantitative skills and be able to apply them to the financial industry. This is the reason why I decided to apply to the MQM program.

After Fuqua

I want to explore opportunities in the financial industry or in consulting. I would like to be in a place where I can use both the analytics tools as well as the financial knowledge that I have acquired in this program.

5 Things to Know to Ace the Interview

  1. Know your story. Most companies will ask you to walk them through your resume and it is a part of the interview that you can really prepare in advance.
  2. Networking. Take advantage of the Fuqua network. I have contacted alumni in different parts of the world and they are all willing to help you land a job.
  3. Prepare for your interviews. Fuqua gives you great resources to study and to practice interviews. Take advantage of them and the employees in the Career Management Center (CMC).
  4. Reach out to the CMC. They are very willing to help you prepare your resume and cover letters and to guide you through the job-search process. Take advantage of that resource.
  5. Reach out. Contact people that are working in the company where you want to land your job. They usually have great tips for the interviews.

What I Love About the Fuqua Network

I was pleasantly surprised by the Fuqua network within the MQM program, between MQM and the other two residential programs at Fuqua (MBA and MMS), and with Fuqua alumni. Each student is willing to help you and give you the best advice. Also, when I have contacted alumni, they are really very friendly and willing to help you in whatever way they can.

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