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“Before coming to Fuqua, I considered myself a good leader. I can now say that I´m a more open and collaborative leader. The MBA program has pushed and helped me to understand my leadership style better with tangible tools such as assessments and also with experiences such as Triangle Training with my C-lead team, team-based assignments, and clubs.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2020

Prior Education:

Universidad de San Andrés
Political Science, 2013
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose to attend Fuqua because of the school’s outstanding reputation for exploring the intersection between business and social impact. Moreover, Fuqua’s commitment to leadership development and teamwork is something I value, and that is very important to me. I am also passionate about gender equity, from raising awareness on gender inequality in the workforce to day-to-day culture regarding gender issues. I was really surprised by all of the tools that Fuqua has to address these matters.


5 Best Fuqua Activities

  1. Fuqua Friday: What would Fuqua look like without Fuqua Friday?
  2. Distinguished Speakers Series: Leaders from various sectors come to have a conversation with the Dean.
  3. FuquaVision: At the end of every term, a bunch of very funny and talented minds at Fuqua put together a show of skits about things that happened during the term in a very funny way. Definitely the best way to finish the term and decompress!
  4. Sustainable Business & Social Impact Conference: This is the largest conference of its kind in the Southeast! The quality of the speakers and the attendees are diverse because social impact is in every industry, role, and sector.
  5. Fuqua Talks: Fuqua is all about improving yourself. This small series is our own “Tedx” at Fuqua.

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked in the broadcasting industry both in sales and customer experience. Passionate about innovation and startups, I decided to work for a home service network startup. Most recently, I decided to work for a non-profit that I have volunteered with since college. This non-profit seeks to overcome poverty in Latin America. I was the business development vice president for Argentina.

My Life After Fuqua

I´m excited to be joining the sales team at Microsoft in Seattle this summer! Going back to the technology industry and having the opportunity to join such a great team is really important to me. I believe that technology is the tool that we need to use to scale impact in the world, so Microsoft is a great start to learn more and achieve that!

My Fuqua Activities

Association of Women in Business 


CASE Scholar


Gender Equity Work Group


Net Impact Club 


Tech Club

Association of Women in Business

Seeing a lot of my male classmates engaged with gender equity and working together to build a better understanding of gender inequality was very transformational for me.

What I Love About My Fuqua Classmates

If you ask me what makes Fuqua so attractive, I would say without a doubt that it is the people. All of my classmates are simply amazing. I would say that Fuquans, in general, are smart, ambitious, and supportive. One of the first things that really surprised me was the number of people that are willing to pursue careers that benefit society or the environment. Another thing that I also really enjoy about my classmates is the diversity that we have in the class not only in terms of careers but also in terms of country, race, and gender. That has helped me to be more open to different points of view.

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Daytime MBA

Lior Pardess

Class of 2020
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Aparna Tikku

Class of 2021
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Paige Nguyen

Class of 2020
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Daytime MBA

Kiersten Chresfield

Class of 2020