Junyao He's portrait image
“The online format allows me to have access to a world-class education without having to leave my family or current employment. I can work towards improving my career while still balancing my personal life.”
Associate Director, Data Management
Hutchison MediPharma

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2020

Prior Education:

Sichuan University, China
MS, Pharmaceutics, 2008
Shanghai, China

Why MSQM: Health Analytics

Digital technology is transforming health care and drug development. I am extremely excited to see the transformation and want to embrace these new technologies. I am particularly interested in how to find a better solution to make descriptive data more quantitative and how to integrate data from different sources to make better use of them. My goal is to gain a broader perspective of all facets of the health sector as well as the ability to make data-driven business decisions.

Before Fuqua

I’ve built my career in the pharmaceutical industry over the past 10 years, working in roles from data scientist to head of data management.

After Fuqua

Coming from a technical background in clinical data management, I deeply value what I’ve learned in this program. I am looking forward to pursuing a career at the intersection of business management and analytics so that I can have a larger business impact and greater self-fulfillment.

The Team Experience

I am very excited to be in a program where the students have such different experiences and backgrounds. The multi-disciplinary nature of this program allows us to contribute to assignments from different angles and gain a broader perspective via discussion and information exchange. My teammates live in different geographic locations and time zones and have busy work schedules in addition to the program. Despite these differences, our team works very closely in pursuing the same goal of academic excellence.