Daytime MBA Student Kandasi Griffiths
"I was eager to take advantage of the opportunities across Duke my second year, so I enrolled in a bell hooks class in the Gender and Sexuality Department. Even though I came into the MBA with a passion for women of color entrepreneurs, I never thought I would be able to take a course like this for Fuqua credit. It’s been amazing!"

Daytime MBA

Class of 2024
Impact Investing

Prior Education:

Princeton University
Atlanta, Georgia

Why I Chose Fuqua

For my MBA, I knew I wanted to focus on impact investing and wanted a school that had robust offerings in that field. CASE was a significant driver in deciding to apply to Fuqua, but it was the people I met that clarified this is where I wanted to be.


I never felt like just an application number in my interactions with Admissions, staff, and faculty. They really got to know my goals of studying abroad, scaling my business, and building a community for myself and my partner by introducing me to the International Programs Office, Innovation & Entrepreneurship center, and alumni in the BBSA (formerly BLMBAO) and Pride communities. Every student I cold-emailed responded and was genuinely interested in helping me through the process. After attending the admitted student weekend, I walked away with dozens of people I wanted to get to know more!



5 Events or Festivals That You’ve Got to Go to in the Triangle

  1. Durham Art Walk. There is a thriving art scene in Downtown Durham, and it’s on full display every month. Art galleries, studios, and businesses open up their spaces to the public, and I discover something new every time.
  2. Black August in the Park. Every August the Black communities across the Triangle throw a massive block party near Durham Central Park. With music, delicious food, dancing, double-dutch, and people of all ages, it was such a joyful occasion!
  3. NC Museum of Art. It requires a drive out to Raleigh, but it’s worth it! While the museum has a lot of incredible exhibits inside, my favorite activitiy has been exploring the sculpture garden outside.
  4. Durham Pride (in September). Not in June or corporate-focused like most Pride activities, Durham Pride centers the community, schools, and local organizations and takes place once the many students are back in town. It is so wholesome and fun!
  5. Slam Poetry Jam at the Hayti Community Center in Durham. I started attending the monthly poetry slam to hear local artists share their work and compete for the audience vote. Snaps, claps, and cheers welcome!

My Life Before Fuqua

Prior to Fuqua, I was a project manager for international development organizations and a social entrepreneur across a dozen countries. My primary sector was maternal and child health in Francophone West Africa. I spent the two years before Fuqua living and working in Lomé, Togo with a nongovernmental organization to expand primary healthcare by supporting community health workers. In 2018, I founded a social enterprise SR Collaborative focused on helping women of color scale impact ventures that I had been growing prior to business school. 

My Life After Fuqua

My MBA experience has been focused on building skills for the rest of my career and not just my first job after graduation. Post Fuqua, I want to transition from an entrepreneur to an investor to help capital flow into communities of color and ultimately raise an impact fund. Courses in finance and accounting have enabled me to better assess opportunities and financial performance. The Entrepreneurship through Acquisition Club exposed me to a potential pathway for scaling existing companies. And the network of Team Fuqua has given me an abundance of experience, advice, and support toward whatever pivot I make next.

My Fuqua Activities

Keller Scholar

CASE Impact Scholar

CASE Fellow

CASE i3 Fellow

Arts@Fuqua Literature VP

BBSA Alumni Relations VP

EVCC Entrepreneurship VP

MBAA Health & Wellness Cabinet



"CASE has been my home at Fuqua to understand the impact investing sector and ways to engage. CASE Impact Investing Initiative (i3) consulting practicum was invaluable for understanding both financial and impact analysis in the public markets. In my first year, I worked on the Sustainable Student Investment Fund and learned how to holistically assess public companies."
Daytime MBA Student Dayo Adesanya
Daytime MBA

Dayo Adesanya

Class of 2023
Daytime MBA Student Andrew Fischer
Daytime MBA

Andrew Fischer

Class of 2023
Daytime MBA Student Shasha Zhao
Daytime MBA

Shasha Zhao

Class of 2023
Daytime MBA Student Louis Wu
Daytime MBA

Louis Wu

Class of 2024