Accelerated MSQM: BA Student Karan Sidhoo
"The MSQM: Business Analytics degree will impact my career by equipping me with advanced analytical skills and cutting-edge tools to drive decision-making processes. With this expertise, I can identify inefficiencies, predict market trends, and optimize operations, thus boosting organizational performance."
Assistant Director
The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

MSQM: Accelerated Business Analytics

Class of 2024

Prior Education:

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Las Vegas, NV


I chose to pursue a Master of Science in Quantitative Management: Business Analytics at Fuqua because it uniquely combines rigorous analytical training with a practical, case-based, and debate-driven curriculum. This program has not only sharpened my ability to think critically and collaborate effectively within a team but also equipped me with sophisticated analytical tools and methodologies. These skills are pivotal in blending data-informed strategy with practical business applications to create measurable value in any organization.

Complementing my MBA, this degree deepened my knowledge in quantitative disciplines, enhancing my capacity to drive superior outcomes in my professional endeavors. At Fuqua, the coursework, particularly in Decision Models and Data Analytics and Applications, provided me with actionable insights that I immediately applied to my work. These experiences have continually fueled my passion for identifying and implementing process improvements and automation opportunities using the advanced competencies gained through the program.

A standout feature of the MSQM: Business Analytics program is its ability to make advanced programming accessible. The program's effective design enables students to quickly master the essentials. The faculty's supportive approach helps students understand the material thoroughly and begin leveraging powerful tools like Python and R. This fosters deep comprehension and practical ability in data analytics.

Before Fuqua

My experience spans multiple facets of the hospitality sector, including hotel management, conference and convention business, and event planning. Currently, I support the Guest Services team, focusing on delivering world-class service. My role involves extensive collaboration with various teams to enhance our service offerings, with the aim of consistently exceeding the expectations of both our business travelers and vacationing guests, while also optimizing resource management.

After Fuqua

Upon completing my degree, my goal is to drive our organization to new and exciting heights by leveraging the skills I've acquired at Fuqua. I am passionate about simplifying and optimizing processes, and I plan to use my learning to focus on utilizing data analytics to streamline operations and boost productivity. Ultimately, I aspire to lead a team in operations and analytics, where I can tackle strategic business challenges and provide meaningful insights that drive decision-making and foster business growth.

Best Piece of Advice

My best piece of advice for prospective students considering this program is to be fully prepared for its intensity and rewards. This program introduces you to some of the most intelligent and genuinely kind individuals you’ll ever meet. Embrace teamwork - it’s crucial here. You will depend on your peers, and they will depend on you to create a balanced and supportive environment. This dynamic will not only enhance your learning but also shape your personal development.

Take full advantage of every resource available. The career management center, the Fuqua network, and the dedicated faculty are invaluable tools at your disposal. Ensure that when you graduate, you have no regrets about missed opportunities. Utilizing these resources fully can significantly impact your professional trajectory and personal growth.