Karen Melancon-Rojas, MSQM: BA '23
“I chose this program to refresh what I learned in my MBA program and to further hone my business skills. I love analytics and, in my sales role, it is a strategic advantage to strengthen those skills. It is definitely a move in the direction in which business is heading.”
Regional Sales Manager, REAL System
Penumbra, Inc.

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2023
Medical Device

Prior Education:

Southern Methodist University
Cox School of Business
MBA Marketing & Strategy, 2005
Savannah, Georgia


I have a great team! We have a diverse set of health care experiences that bring the whole picture together. The biggest take-away I‘ve gotten from our team so far is to value the differences we all bring to the table. Together we are stronger. There is a reason that organizations need different personalities and strengths to build something truly successful.

Before Fuqua

I am a sales manager in the medical device industry. I am passionate about leading and developing people to be the best they can be professionally and personally. As a previous health care provider, I am eager to continue to change health care to bring new technological advances to patients and providers.

After Fuqua

I love the company I currently work for. However, I am excited for the future and I am open to opportunities that allow me to continue to grow and advance professionally. My greatest desire is to work internationally at some point in my career.

How I've Applied Program Learnings to My Career

The knowledge I am gaining in health economics in general is absolutely strengthening what I bring to my role. I feel as though I have more confidence to reach out cross-functionally and collaborate with other groups in my organization to bring the whole picture together.