MSQM: BA Student Katie Barthelmess
"My peer team is diverse in so many ways; some are more technical and some are more business focused. We have people in different time zones, people of different ages, people with different career experience, people of different nationalities, backgrounds, and interests. I think this enriches my experience because everyone brings their own strengths that I can learn from."
Senior Associate, Asset & Liability Management - Corporate Treasury
PNC Bank

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2025

Prior Education:

Elon University
Finance / Applied Mathematics
St. Louis, MO


I think one of the biggest challenges in my industry is viewing and managing data as an asset. Data is abundant, but the challenge lies in managing it effectively so we can utilize it strategically to improve all aspects of client interaction and deliver value for our customers. I think a degree in business analytics helps contextualize the technical challenges of managing data. There is, of course, the technology component of managing data, but without the context of the business problem it can be very difficult to find an appropriate analytics solution. This degree combines the business fundamentals with the technical acumen to understand and find solutions to business challenges today.

I studied math and finance in undergrad; I’ve always loved numbers and analytics, so I was all in for the “quantitative” part of the degree. The “management” part brings in the strategy and direction for analytics; you can write code until your fingers fall off, but without a strategic vision and purpose it’s hard to see the impact of all that work. The “business analytics” part gives a broad foundation that can be applied to any industry—you name the business, and there will be an analytics application!



Before Fuqua

I am a senior associate in the asset and liability management function at PNC Bank. Much of my work focuses on the use of data and analytics to deliver strategic insights to our senior leaders as it relates to relationship value and profitability. This helps drive capital allocation and sales strategies across the organization.

After Fuqua

After Fuqua, I aspire to be in senior management. This degree will help me gain the perspective I need to lead and inspire a team that supports data-driven decision-making wherever that may be. This includes everything from building data infrastructure, improving processes, utilizing analytical tools, and synthesizing information to reach strategic decisions that make an impact.


Career Impact

The MSQM:BA degree will impact my career by both increasing my knowledge and network. The former is obvious; through the coursework and projects I will have a more well-rounded understanding of business analytics—what it means, what it applies to, how it’s used, and how it’s changing. The latter is built both internally with my own class of intelligent, accomplished, and driven peers and externally with the vast network of Fuqua alumni across the globe who are willing and excited to connect with current Fuqua students. Team Fuqua is real!