Photo of Keisuke Kaybashi
“Living outside of Japan for the first time, I struggled to keep up with discussions and to communicate my ideas well. My learning team was always supportive and respectful. They encouraged me to speak up when I had something to say, and they valued my ideas.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2021
Renewable Energy/Clean Tech

Prior Education:

University of Tokyo
Economics, 2012
Kanagawa, Japan

Why I Chose Fuqua

Experiencing the school's culture during my campus visit made me confident that Fuqua was different from other schools. Many students came to talk with me, and spontaneous greetings never ended as I passed through the long corridors. Also, I found outstanding energy-related offerings at Fuqua provided by the Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment (EDGE), and through interdisciplinary networks across Duke, such as Nicholas School of the Environment and Pratt School of Engineering.

5 Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss in Durham

  1. Rose’s Noodles, Dumplings, and Sweets—If you love ramen, this is the place to go. Their Shio-Tonkotsu is ranked the best among my Japanese friends.
  2. Namu—My wife often laughs at how frequently I name this place when we discuss where to go for lunch. Spacious, a great bar, and delicious foods; what else do you need?
  3. Guglhupf—This bakery, café, and biergarten has a great ambiance. With German-style sausages and house-made bread, Guglhupf always allows me to indulge myself. Don’t miss the cream puffs even if you feel full—you will find room for it!
  4. M Kokko – This is your spot for a cozy setting with great Asian dishes! Their ramen has a creamy broth with some spice, and the egg and braised pork is perfect. The Korean Fried Chicken is also delicious!
  5. Foster’s Market – This place is perfect for your weekend brunch with friends. The variety of farm-to-table entrees will never let you down, and everything tastes like it was just harvested. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing.

My Life Before Fuqua

I am passionate about creating sustainable energy infrastructures. I devoted myself to developing and investing in infrastructures such as water treatment plants in the Middle East and offshore wind power plants in Europe. My function was finance and included building a financial model, analyzing risks, and implementing risk mitigation plans.

My Life After Fuqua

My Fuqua experience will give me a great leap forward to accomplishing my goal of helping society transition to sustainable energy. Between networking with classmates who have the same career interest, interacting with business leaders at the Duke Energy Conference and EDGE Seminar, and learnings taken from energy-focused classes, I’ve had opportunities that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

My Fuqua Activities

Energy Club

Asian Business Club

LEADS (Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series)

Orientation Team

Tennis Club

The Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment (EDGE)

I have met and gained insights from distinguished leaders in the field and have had the invaluable opportunity of tackling a challenging problem that a leading company faced.

What I Love About the Fuqua Community

Attending orientation blew my mind. Through meeting new friends, working together during the Section Olympics, and learning about each other’s cultures at a themed party, I soon felt I was a part of the Fuqua community. It was also surprising that this whole event was organized by second-year students who had returned during their summer internships to welcome us. It inspired me to join the orientation team and be part of the tradition of welcoming the next class.

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