Kenyetta Barnes, MSQM: ABA '22
“Ever since I started my degree, the way I approach problems has changed. Having gone through classes such as Decision Models and Data & Analytics, I find myself looking at problems through a more quantitative lens. I build models to evaluate the effects of all potential outcomes which is something I never considered doing before this program.”
General Engineer
National Nuclear Security Administration

MSQM: Accelerated Business Analytics

Class of 2022

Prior Education:

University of Maryland, College Park
Master of Business Administration, 2018
North Carolina A&T State University
Applied Mathematics, 2000
Durham, North Carolina


I chose to pursue an accelerated degree because I knew it would be the perfect complement to my MBA. Fuqua's Accelerated MSQM: BA program has afforded me the opportunity to learn from and engage with some of the best professors and teammates in the world. As a prospective student, I was drawn to the realistic approach the program employs to provide the tools to make strategic business decisions. Given I am working full-time and balancing family responsibilities, this program has provided me with the flexibility needed to pursue my career objectives as well as make lifelong connections.

Before Fuqua

I spent ten years operating naval nuclear reactors. After transitioning from the military, I continued my work as a contractor for the Department of Defense working in various engineering roles. I currently work at the National Nuclear Security Administration as a General Engineer. My primary responsibility is providing quality assurance oversight to our contracting partners.

After Fuqua

After the completion of my degree, I would like to transition into a role that allows me to fuse my years of technical expertise with my business acumen and analytical ability.

My Favorite Professor

One of my favorite professors is Professor Mattia Ciollaro. He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated in ensuring that students learn. He teaches complicated material in a manner such that a person with no exposure to the material can understand. He is always available and fosters a creative learning environment where students can be their best.