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“My team learned to trust each other, we learned that there is tremendous value in perspectives other than our own, and we learned how to capture strengths and minimize weaknesses to produce a result that is stronger than any one of us could have achieved alone.”
Breaking Limits

Weekend Executive MBA

Class of 2019
Sports Marketing

Prior Education:

Southern Illinois University
Graphic Design, Visual Communications, 1993
High Point, North Carolina


The Duke brand alone opens doors. I now have opportunities simply because of the respect given to this program. Additionally, I carry myself with a newfound confidence that seems to be infectious. I believe in myself more than I did before Fuqua, and it is obvious to me that others around me do, too. I believe I belong in the boardroom, and others welcome me there.

Before Fuqua

My husband and I merged two similar companies into one and I took over as the primary leader of this newly expanded company. My responsibilities included: general management with financial responsibilities, HR and policy overhaul, defining a strategy and our culture, new business development, and talent acquisition.

After Fuqua

I will continue as the President and primary leader of my company, however, the knowledge and skills I have acquired through Fuqua have given me a better understanding of our role, our advantages, and our potential as a company in a complex business environment.

5 Tips for Working in Teams

  1. Check your ego at the door—you don’t always have to have the right answer.
  2. Everybody is smart and they assume you are too—you don’t have to prove yourself!
  3. Share your weaknesses—some of the best learning comes through vulnerability.
  4. Learn to genuinely care about your teammates—this will apply directly to your career.
  5. Ask questions—learn why your teammates think what they think and why.

Weekend Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

IT (16%)
Financial Services (14%)
Health Care/Health Services (10%)
Manufacturing/Operations (9%)
Sales/Business Development (8%)
Consulting (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
Weekend Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Students with Advanced Degrees


Countries Represented



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