Kristina Xie
“I learned that I am very inquisitive and like for solutions to be broken down into steps so that I can follow the logic and reasoning. In my prior experience working in a team, I always volunteered to be the group leader. At Fuqua, because many of the cases are quantitative, I played more of an assistive role while learning not to suppress my curiosity and ask questions.”

MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Class of 2018
Technology Marketing

Prior Education:

Trinity College (CT)
International Studies / Chinese, 2016
New York City

Why I Chose Fuqua

I wanted to continue my education, and I knew the MMS program would provide the fundamentals I needed to elevate my business skillset. I visited the Duke Kunshan University campus while interning in China during my gap year abroad, and I could picture myself studying and living on campus. Now that I am on campus as a student, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such talented and motivated people!

Before Fuqua

I interned at an international school in their marketing and admissions department, where I enjoyed observing customer behavior and working with clients. This made me realize I needed a strong understanding of business fundamentals to launch a successful career in marketing.

After Fuqua

I would like to begin my career with a tech start-up because I enjoy being part of something new and exciting. I hope to one day become a product manager and supervise projects from beginning to end. I would love to add value for customers who use the product and are satisfied with the results.

What I Love About My Classmates

One of the most admirable traits about my classmates is their willingness to help. There has never been an instance where I have asked for help and been rejected. Instead, they have provided support and encouragement, sitting down with me to simplify certain terms or concepts.

Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University

Undergraduate Majors

Business/Accounting (51%)
Economics (22%)
Liberal Arts (14%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (10%)
Other (4%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship




Student Network

Kristina Xie MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Kristina Xie

Class of 2018
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Tianwei Zhao

Class of 2018
Phoebe Fleming MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Phoebe Fleming

Class of 2017
Prima Prasithirun MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Prima Prasithirun

Class of 2017