Global Executive MBA Student Kristy Kay
"What do a Panamanian banker, Bostonian product owner at Apple, Southern US operations executive, organizational psychologist in CA, and faith-based venture executive with experience in the Philippines and the Netherlands have in common? Empathy, humility, conscientiousness, a fierce passion for learning, intentionality and the openness to be creeped out at a sketchy speakeasy in Berlin."
Client Scientist

Global Executive MBA

Class of 2023

Prior Education:

San Diego State University
MS, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2017
San Diego, California


The biggest “return” on my investment of funds, time, energy, and opportunity in this program, has been the network - particularly my cohort. The quality of student admitted in the GEMBA program is unmatched: they are globally aware, advanced in their careers, emotionally intelligent, and decent human beings. Because of this, I’ve learned just as much from my classmates as I have in my coursework. A unique aspect of the GEMBA program is that you spend so much intense, quality time together – both in the trenches and in celebration – that you form really close connections pretty quickly, getting to know each other personally and professionally. In addition to the incomparable impact my classmates have had on my life so far, I am eager to pursue future opportunities together. GEMBA doesn’t really end when we graduate; our story will perpetuate.

Before Fuqua

Prior to Fuqua, I was a Research Psychologist working for a small Department of Defense contractor. In this role, I worked with external customers (Army, Navy, Air Force) on human performance measurement, assessment, and augmentation projects. I also taught introductory and advanced courses in industrial/organizational psychology at local state universities.

After Fuqua

During the program, I transitioned to consulting, and later melded my social science background with consulting to craft a role where I am a SME/resource for social science projects, and product owner for the US market. I plan to grow in this role, while exploring entrepreneurial opportunities in personnel-related advanced technologies.

Five Tips for Working Across Different Cultures

  1. Everyone will come in with different styles and preferences, and they may not be like your own. Allow for different working styles on your team.
  2. We often assume people make decisions because they are of similar mind to us – instead, inquire before assuming.
  3. Take the opportunity to learn about the various cultures and backgrounds of your classmates
  4. Don’t hyper-focus so much on what is dissimilar that you miss the beautiful things that unite us
  5. People get accustomed to new situations in different ways and on different timelines. Allow for the opportunity for people to adapt.

Global Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

Financial Services (20%)
Consulting (5%)
Sales/Business Development (5%)
Energy/Chemical/Gas (9%)
Marketing/PR/Advertising (6%)
Consumer Goods (3%)

Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship

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