Weekend Executive MBA Student Linsey Hackett
"In my field, an MBA is not important. However, it's interesting that the way that Fuqua teaches you to think, approach problems, and communicate has been a value add for the company. It is really exciting to see how an industry that is a bit staid can be innovative with different kinds of thinking infused. Fuqua’s curriculum, team atmosphere, and network have shown me how to think differently."
People Department
Monteith Construction

Weekend Executive MBA

Class of 2023
Commercial Construction

Prior Education:

Columbia University
MA, Bilingual/Bicultural Education, 2012
Carolina Beach, North Carolina


The entirety of the academic experience at Fuqua has pushed me beyond comfort. With my background, coming from Peace Corps into K-12 education and then into people operations for a commercial contractor, I had an untraditional set of skills and certainly very little business knowledge or little quantitative background. Almost all the course content was new and challenging, and I had to lean on my teammates. I often felt like I was in the advanced class that I had never taken the introductory course for, and to close that gap, I relied constantly on the experiences of those people around me.

Before Fuqua

The People Department at Monteith works to hire, onboard, and support the people who are a part of the company.

After Fuqua

I plan to continue to expand my role and the department. Post-graduation, I want to drive strategy around how to stay a people-first and people-focused organization as the company grows and expands.

How I Knew Fuqua was Right for Me

When you are at a cocktail bar after class with a few doctors, a Navy pilot, a supply chain expert, a woman running business development for a billion-dollar company, a guy on the President’s staff, and a woman with an engineering PhD who does something you can’t even begin to describe, you begin to think about the power of the experiences of the folks standing around you. Seeing how those people interacted in the classroom and the ideas that they brought to a discussion or a debate, or the help they gave you on an assignment that you were lost on, continues to amaze me.

Weekend Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

IT (16%)
Financial Services (14%)
Health Care/Health Services (10%)
Manufacturing/Operations (9%)
Sales/Business Development (8%)
Consulting (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
Weekend Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Students with Advanced Degrees


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