Photo of Maddie Sosna
“Everyone at Fuqua is unique and, therefore, has something valuable to add to the community. I knew this would be the place where I could thrive.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2021
Marketing—Brand Management

Prior Education:

Butler University
Dance Performance, 2014
St. Louis, Missouri

Why I Chose Fuqua

Blue Devil Weekend sealed the deal for my choice to attend Fuqua. I loved the overall excitement of the students. I could tell that Fuqua was a place not only where I was going to learn a great deal, but somewhere I was also going to build both personal and professional relationships that would last far beyond the two years in Durham.



5 Random Things About Me

  1. I was in a flash mob to promote the TV show Glee.
  2. I used to race sailboats in sailing regattas every summer.
  3. I did not drink coffee until after I graduated from college.
  4. I am working towards running my first half-marathon.
  5. I went to the same summer camp as actresses Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts.

My Life Before Fuqua

I was a professional ballet dancer, and after four years of performing with multiple companies, I was ready to transition my career. I knew pursuing an MBA was the next step to gain the business acumen, leadership skills, and teamwork capabilities that would position me for success moving forward.

My Life After Fuqua

I will be starting my career in a brand management role in the consumer packaged goods industry.

My Fuqua Activities

Admissions Representative Coordinator
Orientation Team
Forté Fellow

Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP)

FCCP allowed me to gain real-world business experience in a safe and low-risk setting. I loved having the opportunity to step outside of the classroom and address issues that real businesses face.

What I Love About Durham

The city has everything from new restaurants to live music to hikes. It is the perfect city to explore the outdoors in, check out a new brewery, and have a night out with friends all in one day.

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