Mandy Tai
“I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations so that I can reflect and grow from these experiences. Fuqua’s rigorous program really pushed me outside my comfort zone, and now I feel much more confident in subjects I didn’t have a strong interest in.”

MMS: Foundations of Business

Class of 2017

Prior Education:

University of Washington
Economics, 2013
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Why I Chose Fuqua

I was looking for a community to grow in for a graduate school environment, and my campus visit made me realize—this was it. I wanted to be a part of this team. During the visit, I interacted with student ambassadors, attended classes, and had conversations with program staff and saw that the magic of this place is the people. It is such a tight community. Everyone and everything I encountered and experienced delivered a message of teamwork, diversity, and inclusion. I knew that here, I could learn and grow in a supportive network with great individuals and build lifelong relationships.

Before Fuqua

In the year after graduation, I volunteered with a student organization where I worked and lived in Egypt, Serbia, and Namibia for three months each. Then I worked in a digital marketing consulting start- up and briefly with a recruiting startup in Taiwan.

After Fuqua

After graduation, I will be working for a consulting firm in New York. My long-term plan is to provide consulting services for nonprofit organizations.


What I Love About My Team

We call ourselves “the Baristas.” We are a Filipino-Hawaiian who is a travel expert always looking for the next adventure; a New Yorker who loves nature and outdoor activities; a local Korean-American who owns a podcast; and a Pakistani who is great with numbers and analysis. And there’s me, a Taiwanese girl who lived in Seattle for six years. Meeting and working with these people has been one of the biggest highlights of my MMS experience. We argue, we discuss, we talk about our ideas, we respect each other’s opinion, and come together to a conclusion where everyone is onboard. We have learned from each other, and working together has helped us become a better version of ourselves.


Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

Undergraduate Majors

Liberal Arts (33%)
Business/Accounting (24%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (18%)
Economics (17%)
Other (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Foundations of Business

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship




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