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“Each of my teammates has contributed to my experience both academically and socially by being open, fun, and honest individuals. Different classes and cases tapped on each of our strengths and it was great to see how we supported one another in those scenarios.”

MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Class of 2020
Pharmaceutical or Technology

Prior Education:

Appalachian State University
International Business, 2016
Hillsborough, North Carolina

Why I Chose Fuqua

When I learned about the opportunity to complete half of the program in China, I thought to myself, this may be the place for me. I liked that the Duke Kunshan University campus was fully equipped and provided an amazing student learning environment with students from all over the world. I would like to build a career abroad, so it was very important to me to be a part of a large network with an international footprint.

Before Fuqua

I worked in the insurance industry as an account manager. My role was a mixture of sales, risk analysis, and financial services.

After Fuqua

I would like to complete a rotational program within the tech, pharmaceutical, or food processing industries to explore different departments within a multinational corporation.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at Fuqua

  1. Take advantage of the services offered at the Career Management Center such as mock interviews, and cover letter and resume reviews.
  2. Make sure you build relationships with people from different backgrounds so you can learn more and optimize the diverse ways of thinking among your cohort.
  3. If you plan on recruiting for consulting or another strategy role, read Case In Point. If you are undecided about your career path, try to attend as many info sessions and career-focused webinars as possible.
  4. Use LinkedIn and the alumni directory to schedule info chats with people in companies and industries that you are interested in. I recommend that you maximize your time in between classes and push yourself to schedule one call a week.
  5. Take advantage of the events hosted by the MMS Association. These not only offer you another opportunity to network but may also expose you to new activities and cuisines that you may not be familiar with.

What I Love About Durham

I love the culture of Durham and how it feels like a close-knit community. Everyone is very welcoming to newcomers. I also love how it is centrally located within the state and you can get to both the mountains and the beach in just a few hours by car.

Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University

Undergraduate Majors

Business/Accounting (51%)
Economics (22%)
Liberal Arts (14%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (10%)
Other (4%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship



Photo of Ola Madamidola
MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Ola Madamidola

Class of 2021
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MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Yufeng Guo

Class of 2020
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MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Katherine Bell

Class of 2020
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MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Mariah Breeze

Class of 2020