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“Having team members with diverse backgrounds has helped my learning at Fuqua tremendously as we each bring new perspectives and skills to team projects and presentations.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2020

My Program Track:

Technology or FinTech

Prior Education:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Physics, 2019
Morrisville, North Carolina

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua stood out to me with its extensive number of career resources and the general atmosphere of the school. I had the opportunity to visit and was surprised by how friendly the students were and how closely connected the community felt. The students and staff were all passionate about the program and its value. Being able to meet students and experience what an average day at Fuqua is like helped sway my decision. Fuqua also has an abundant number of events and clubs to join. Even though I will always be a Tarheel, I am glad I chose Duke.

Before Fuqua

I worked in a research lab performing data analytics on simulated biological cells at UNC-Chapel Hill. After seeing how valuable programming languages such as Python and MATLAB are for understanding big data, I wanted to gain more technical skills in data analysis to apply to business problems.

After Fuqua

I want to pursue a career in data science or data analytics in the technology or financial technology industry. I hope to utilize the machine learning and data science techniques I have learned throughout my time in the program to solve real-world business problems.

5 Best Places to Study

  1. The Ford Library is my favorite place to study at Fuqua. It has tons of resources and remains quiet at all times of the day. It is a perfect place to study in between classes.
  2. The Fox Center at Fuqua is a livelier place to study with your team or with friends during the day. If you can handle the noise, it gives you easy access to coffee and food.
  3. Triangle Coffee House on Ninth Street is a great place to grab a coffee and study for exams. It is typically quiet with plenty of seats.
  4. Mad Hatter’s is another fantastic coffee shop that has loads of pastries and caffeine-filled drinks. Its glass windows make the atmosphere more exciting than a typical coffee shop.
  5. The Fuqua team rooms are a go-to study spot for long nights with your team. Whenever there is a difficult assignment or project to complete, I would suggest finding a team room and camping out.

My MQM Track

The finance track is fast-paced and teaches in-depth data analysis on financial markets and investing. Coming from an undergraduate degree in quantitative finance, I joined the finance track wanting to leverage the financial theory I already knew while learning how to apply it to modern data analysis methods.

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MQM: Business Analytics

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MQM: Business Analytics

Max Gordon

Class of 2020
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MQM: Business Analytics

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